Producer Can Cover Download Costs on PegMedia

Producers have an option of covering the bandwidth costs for downloads on PegMedia to make the downloads free to stations. When producers cover the cost, the number of stations carrying a program increases dramatically, usually by a factor of three or more.

In order for you as a producer to cover the download costs, you only need to do two simple steps:

  1. Select the option for your show. Click on the Producer Show Edit link at the bottom of the page. In the edit page, click on the box "I Would Like to Cover Download Costs" and click on the Save button at the bottom.
  2. Put some money in your account. In order for the download costs to be covered, the producer must have a positive balance in their account. Usually a minimum of $20 is suggested. You can add to your account by clicking on the link "Add To Your Account Via PayPal or Check" in the left hand column if this web site.

Cost for each download is 99 cents or less, depending on the length of the video. This is less than the cost of producing and mailing a dvd so also ends up saving the producer money and time vs manual mailing.

Stations will see on the show and the episode pages if the download is being covered by the producer.

Producers covering download costs should monitor their account balance to make sure it stays positive.

NOTE: Each user has only one account balance. As a producer your account would handle any downloading you do plus it would also cover the downloading costs for any of your shows you want to cover as well.