New Functions for Downloading

With the changes in to have the costs of downloading covered by the downloading stations, we have added a few new functions.

In the listing for a show, above the episodes you will see a message which indicates your current balance and whether or not it is enough for a download. For each episode in the list, you will see an entry in the column DL $ (Download $) which indicates the cost of that download.

For the pages for episodes for each show, you will see similar information.

In either case, if you do not have enough in your account, you will see a link to allow you to add to your account balance.

If you go to "My Account" in the left hand column, you can see the details for the funding you have made to your account.

If you wish to add to your account, or see the current account balance, go to . This link also has information on how to send a check to PegMedia if that's the method you would prefer.

If you have any questions on the billing, please email billing - a - t -