Link TV’s Global Pulse now on Pegmedia

“Global Pulse is Link TV’s global news series that compares and contrasts TV news stories from around the world.

Each fast-moving weekly 5-minute episode of Global Pulse focuses on one important news event – how that event was reported in the country where it happened, in regions of the world where points of view differ from our own, and in the US, where non-American information is usually filtered, and sometimes blocked.

Each episode of Global Pulse distills important details and unexpected perspectives from its database of over 40 daily half-hour news programs: ranging from Fox News to Al Jazeera to Venezuela’s Telesur to the BBC to Iran’s Press TV. Global Pulse is often out front of US news networks on breaking stories, because we have a broader vantage point.

  • In November of 2008, Global Pulse recognized and covered the crucial new role of the G20 countries in the global economy – six months before the US news began to explain why the G20 matters.
  • Global Pulse has covered events in Pakistan for two years, allowing viewers to understand that nation’s unique role in the US war in Afghanistan more clearly than viewers of any single national news program could.
  • When US financial news channels were declaring that the effects of the burst housing bubble were over in September 2007, Global Pulse viewers knew the real story...and perhaps, saved themselves some heartache by tending to their portfolio’s in time.

In a world that has gone global, national coverage can be too narrowly focused to reveal the whole story. The Global Pulse "meta-news" technique compares news reports in a way that is similar to The Daily Show – but on a global scale, and with a serious purpose. This new and entertaining way of watching the news helps busy viewers track important stories they might have missed, and reveals new angles on stories that can impact everyone.

Global Pulse is truly the first news program without borders, helping viewers become global citizens. Also check out our blog, at