New Congressional Legislation for PEG Stations Needs Your Help

As a result of recent rulings by the FCC and the adoption of Statewide Franchises in several states which have compromised the signal quality, financial support and availability of PEG channels, Congressional Representative Tammy Baldwin (WI-D), introduced HR 3745 "To amend the Communications Act of 1934” "to provide for carriage and display of public, educational, and government channels in a manner consistent with commercial channels, and for other purposes".

More info about this important legislation and how you can participate if you wish to contact your Congressional Representative and Representative Baldwin to voice your support can be found at This ACM write-up is well worth reading and well worth following the various links. Certainly the cable companies will be speaking up in opposition, but this is our chance to potentially make a difference in our future by letting our Representatives know how important this is to PEG stations.