Downloading Show Episodes

To download episodes of a show, go to a particular show's description page. You can get there by going to "Quick List of all Shows" in the right hand column of the web site. For each episode which is downloadable you will see a green down arrow which indicates it's available for download. Depending on the browser you have and the operating system, you typically click the left mouse button and save the file to the correct folder on your machine.

If your machine is configured to start playing the file instead of saving it, you can use a right mouse button click on that green arrow and on a Windows machine, select from the menu "Save Target As" to save the file to your machine. On a MAC, after the right mouse button click, select "Download Linked File As..." from the menu.

If the green download arrow is gray (), you probably are not logged into

If the green download arrow is a red upload arrow (), the file is still being uploaded to our media servers.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you must be at IE 8 or higher. Lower revisions have limits of download file sizes.

Although your browser can download files directly, on MAC's and Windows machines there are download managers which will allow you to queue up multiple downloads as well as having a faster and more reliable download. For Windows, we highly recommend the Free Download Manager at This product will allow you to queue multiple downloads and, if desired, to schedule them to happen off hours. When you have download manager, you still start the download from your browser, but once then the download manager takes over the download process.

If you use a download manager, typically you should configure it to download a single file at a time. Even if you are only downloading one file, they typically download multiple segments of it in parallel to increase download speed.

Using Internet Explorer for multiple simultaneous downloads:

For those users who prefer to use the native capabilities of Internet Explorer instead of a Download Manager, there is a limit to the number of concurrent threads allowed. IE7 only allows 2 and IE8 allows 6. To fix these limits refer to this link:

You can then have multiple downloads happening simultaneously using Internet Explorer. Thanks to Doug McAllister at Amerherst Community Access Television for this information!