Two New Special Episodes of "explore"

Link TV and explore have teamed up again for a brand new special episode - "Adrenaline Junkie." The explore Team makes their way from Hawaii to Venice Beach to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, seeking out new adventure sports and learning how rescuers keep thrill seekers safe. They speak with elite Jet Ski rescue lifeguards on the North Shore of Oahu, film inspirational wheelchair athletes in Venice Beach, California, and accompany an avalanche rescue team on a heart-pounding mission in the deep powder of Wyoming's Rockies. On the way, they explore what makes humans push the boundaries of physics in the never-ending pursuit of adrenaline.

Download the 23:43 program FREE of charge here:

Also, Link TV and explore are proud to present a new explore film "Darfur - Quest for the Human Spirit." The explore Team traveled to Darfur, Sudan, home to one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. They travel with Merlin, a British medical NGO that works in the region. explore founder Charles Annenberg Weingarten and his team are taken by helicopter to a refugee camp in southern Darfur. The roads are too dangerous to travel, and Charlie has little idea of what to expect when the helicopter touches down. After meeting the people in the refugee camp, bonding with young and old, he is astonished by the ability of the human spirit to endure incredible hardship and remain resolute.

Download the 22:18 program FREE of charge here: