Two More "Explore" Specials Up On

As part of Link TV’s commitment to PegMedia, they have put up extra episodes of Explore on PegMedia. We now have two more special episodes, one on China and the other on the Yangtze River and several other interesting topics.

Explore: China

With a population of 1.4 billion, the People’s Republic of China is vitally important to the planet. China’s rapid growth impacts the environment locally and globally. In a world affected by globalization, China embodies the phenomenon in both positive and negative ways. China’s modern society provides a better life for many but also brings with it a loss of cultural tradition and natural resources.

To uncover some of the mysteries of China, Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the Explore team set out on a three-week fact-finding mission through Beijing, Shanghai, Tibet, Wolong, Xi’an and beyond. Each stop brings them closer to grasping the complexities of the country’s ancient culture and the implications of modernization. Meeting with some of the most innovative minds and leading non-profit organizations across the country, the Explore team delves into issues such as the environment, human rights, public health, social change, philosophy and education.

From the Yangtze to the 'Hood

Join Charles Annenberg Weingarten and the Explore team in this special program featuring some of their most memorable expeditions, including a journey down China’s spectacular Yangtze River; a glimpse into the lives of Orca whales; a visit to a notorious African slave dungeon; and the inspiring story of how Father Boyle created Los Angeles-based “Homeboy Industries” – a non-profit organization that has succeeded in helping troubled youth leave the gang life to lead positive and productive lives.

For previews of these and other Explore programs, be sure to visit their web site at You can also sign up for the Explore newsletter at their site as well.

The Explore programs are of extremely high production quality and should be of interest to virtually every audience. Please take a look at these shows and the others in the Explore series. We think you’ll like them. And thanks to Link TV for sharing.