"Saturday Fright Special" Joins the PegMedia Community

The goal of PegMedia is to be a "community sharing community media". The words of Saturday Fright Special's Mark Nelson say it best:

"I have to say that I absolutely love the PegMedia site. I'd briefly been involved with delivering our show (SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL) digitally via BitTorrent to a site maintained by the Concord, NH access station, and this is far easier and faster. Navigation and the organization of information is very clear and straightforward, and the site as a nice simple, pleasing-to-the-eye look.

And let me say that we at SFS are THRILLED to see how quickly our show has been grabbed by various stations all over the country. I've become addicted to repeatedly checking the "see downloading stations" page, as until PegMedia came along, our reach was from CT to ME. I was a bit knocked for a loop when I noticed stations in FL, MN, and KS taking a look-see at our program."

Mark Nelson, Saturday Fright Special, www.saturdayfrightspecial.com