ACM Community Television Survey

From Tony Vigue, South Portland, Maine

As we have all understood for many years, there is more first-run locally produced PEG programming (by community) than all locally produced programming from the three or four network affiliates combined (by community).

The recent survey results (see story "PEG Channels Are A Major Source Of Local Programming" following this) from stations all over the country bears this out. In comparison, most of the commercial network affiliates just rebroadcast non-locally produced programming from the network. Local news is repeated all day so repeats are not “new” programming.

Once again this is the type of data that the FCC should be collecting that we, as Community Television Stations, have to collect to educate them. More often, the FCC decisions overlook the importance of Community Television contributions to our communities and society in general and instead are the result of industry lobbyists seeking to further their bottom line at the expense of the consumer.