Marketing of Madness, Are we all insane?

Most of us understand that there’s something extremely wrong about dangerous psychiatric drugs being pushed upon 8 million US school children, nearly half the elderly in nursing homes, 17% of the US military and high percentages of foster children and prisoners, but why and how is this happening?

Citizens Commission on Human Rights ( is proud to announce its latest in a long line of award winning productions.

"Marketing of Madness, Are we all insane?" consists of six cable tv length segments which can be played independently of each other and in any sequence. Each segment will keep viewers on the edge of their seats!

"Marketing of Madness" provides audiences with a rare, candid, behind the scenes look into the often-times illegal pharmaceutical marketing machine. Experts and insiders as well as victims have come forward to share their stories and expose the truth about this multi-billion dollar industry.

To protect your viewers, their children and grandparents from the drug marketing that attacks us from every direction, please preview our shows and find our FREE downloads here: