Welcomes "Explore"!

One of our jewels on the lineup of shows is “Explore” from Link TV.

Explore is based on a concept developed by and advanced under the leadership of Charles Annenberg Weingarten, with the support of the Annenberg Foundation. Explore is a philanthropic multimedia organization that makes documentary films and photographs to showcase extraordinary nonprofit efforts and leaders around the world.

Among Explore’s founding principles are “Share What You Know” and “Never Stop Learning.” These concepts have guided the team through Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sudan, Darfur, Rwanda, China, Tibet, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, The Vatican, The Arctic, Greenland, Costa Rica, Canada and many U.S. cities.

Explore’s film and images document how people from all over the world, from every walk of life, are taking positive steps that have local impact and global relevance. Inspirational content for the web, television and theatrical viewing include interviews, conversations and stories with local heroes. Its multimedia portal brings these individuals together as a collective voice that celebrates and encourages selfless acts of giving.

Explore is of extremely high quality production levels. This is programming you won’t see elsewhere, but deserves a place for our viewers. These programs are a great addition to any lineup. To see the Explore programs now available for download on, Click Here.