5 New Episodes of Explore and more, from Link TV!

Link TV is excited to announce that 5 new episodes of Explore are now available for downloading on PegMedia.org!

Travel the world with Charlie Annenberg and the Explore Team on their journey to uncover and champion the selfless acts of others. Join Explore through the Middle East to learn about the rich cultural and religious attributes of countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan, in "Religion in the Middle East".

Get an inside look at the ideas and talents expressed by the young leaders of tomorrow, in "Youthful Expressions". Hear to the sounds and melodies of "India's Song" and witness the ancient, vanishing art of listening. Go to http://pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/2/detail for these shows and more.

Learn more at www.explore.org.

And, don't miss Link TV's Rappers, Divas and Virtuosos: New Music from the Muslim World. Modernity meets tradition in this new mini-series, a collection of short films highlighting some of the most dynamic cultural innovators in the Muslim world today -- vibrant musicians from Iran, Western Sahara, Bangladesh, and Morocco. Four 30-minute episodes, now available for free at http://pegmedia.org/index.php?q=msvr/showall/98/detail

Lots more content, coming soon!