Graceful Aging and the Power of PegMedia With Over 1,000 Downloads

Older adults have a right and desire to enjoy life to its fullest. This desire, combined with the show’s professional production detail and passion of the show’s guests and staff, have rapidly drawn viewers in over 95 television markets from coast to coast, reaching over 5 million households. According to its host, Gregory Bator, “Graceful Aging hit its 1000th download sooner than I ever anticipated or imagined. Personally, I view every download as significantly improving at least one life. PegMedia and the stations joining our Graceful Aging community share in our pride. With each episode aired, we know that the lives of older adults and their families greatly benefit. Together we are using the power of community access television for the good of our country.”

Graceful Aging is a show designed to promote living safe, healthy, and dignified. Host Gregory Bator asks interesting questions of wonderful guests. Each guest is selected for their experience and knowledge. Guests include professional chefs, FBI Agents, renowned geriatric care managers, home security experts, assistive technology gurus, authors, marriage therapists, dementia specialists, geriatric medical professionals, and many others.

Each episode focuses on a single topic important to older adults and those concerned. Driving for older adults, home safety, fall prevention, dementia issues, marriage and dating are samples of past shows. Each show is guided towards practical useful information by host and producer Gregory Bator. “Our goal for every show is to enhance and improve an older adult’s life. Spouses, family members, and friends often struggle with aging issues. We tackle and unravel those struggles,” says Bator. Show access is at:

Gregory Bator, when not producing Graceful Aging or conducting charity auctioneering, practices law in Michigan.