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Welcome to Estoy Sano! (I am healthy!) where cooking is fun, delicious, safe and nutritious; a project of Eagle County’s Healthy Communities Initiative and Colorado State University Extension.
Bienvenido a Estoy Sano! donde cocinar es divertido, delicioso, seguro y nutritivo; un proyecto de la Iniciativa de Comunidades Saludables del Condado de Eagle y de le Extensión de la Universidad del Estado de Colorado.

As part of a grant program from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, ¡Estoy Sano!, a Spanish language Healthy Eating show, is being produced by Eagle County ecotv18 to bring nutrition and cooking education to the Latino community.

NEW for 2015! We've revamped the show with a new host and new format. Each episode, host Rachael will feature tips on healthy eating around a particular topic, such as lowering sodium intake, better beverage choices, and healthy snacks for kids. Important facts are included, and options are provided for a healthier diet. These shows average 10-15 minutes, and pair up nicely with the earlier cooking shows to fill a 30-minute time slot. ***These recent shows will also be available in HD. Please contact us if you would like an HD copy.***

Earlier episodes of the show feature a local professional chef and his wife, who engage the audience in selecting healthy foods and proper cooking methods. The hosts of the show, Alejandro & Melina, are attractive, fun and entertaining. Each episode includes one entire recipe start to finish, and runs approx. 15-20 minutes.

The objective of the ¡Estoy Sano! Spanish language cooking show is to help reduce the health disparities in the Latino Population. The program encourages healthy eating and active living within this population, with an emphasis on simple recipes that are low in sodium, fat, and sugar. It also encourages eating more fruits and vegetables.


Notes to Stations About This Show:

The show is produced in-house by our staff in Eagle County, Colorado. While our target audience is the Latino population of Eagle County, the shows are non-regional specific and should serve well in any area with a large Latino population. The shows are produced entirely in Spanish. We do not have English translations or English sub-titles available at this time, although that may happen in the future.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Colorado

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Eagle County Government Television (ECGtv)

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0001 Estoy Sano-Pizzas de Tortillas 00:19:130.36/N/A16/0
0002 Estoy Sano-Ensalada de Manzana y Arandano00:17:320.33/N/A14/0
0003 Estoy Sano-Hamburguesa de espinaca y pavo00:17:580.34/N/A16/0
0004 Estoy Sano-Salsa de frijoles con vegetales00:19:090.36/N/A14/0
0005 Estoy Sano-Sopa Crema de Brocoli00:18:370.35/N/A12/0
0006 Estoy Sano-Curtido Salvadoreno00:16:400.31/N/A13/0
0007 Estoy Sano-Ensalada de brocoli00:11:290.21/N/A9/0
0008 Estoy Sano Lasagna de Sarten de Preparacion Rapida.mpg00:15:380.29/N/A9/0
0009 Estoy Sano Ensalada de Pollo Crujiente00:15:420.29/N/A9/0
0010 Estoy Sano Mitades de Pimiento estilo Suroeste00:16:090.30/N/A8/0
0011 Estoy Sano-Salsa de Tomate Fresca00:20:230.39/N/A10/0
0012 Estoy Sano-Ensalada de Papas con Hierbas00:15:520.30/N/A9/0
0013 Estoy Sano! - Quesadillas Coloridas00:16:170.30/N/A8/0
0014 Estoy Sano! - Ensalada Griega Fácil de Hacer00:14:510.28/N/A6/0
0015 Estoy Sano! - Arroz Con Pollo00:18:310.35/N/A10/0
0016 ¡Estoy Sano!-Ensalada de Maíz con Chiles Verdes00:08:100.15/N/A9/0
0017 ¡Estoy Sano!-Taquitos Crujientes00:13:010.24/N/A8/0
0018 Estoy Sano- Sopa de pollo con verduras y col00:14:560.28/N/A9/0
0019 Estoy Sano! Manzanas y camotes al horno00:13:580.26/N/A7/0
0020 Estoy Sano! Pescado Horneado con Verduras00:18:290.35/N/A10/0
0021 Estoy Sano! Ensalada de Pollo Club00:12:470.24/N/A7/0
0022 Estoy Sano! Bebidas Saludables00:12:140.23/N/A10/0
0023 Estoy Sano! Ensalada de pasta con verduritas crujientes00:15:230.29/N/A7/0
0024 Estoy Sano! Sopa de lentejas00:13:500.26/N/A6/0
0025 ¡Estoy Sano! Ensalada de Pepino y Tazas de la fruta congeladas00:11:440.22/N/A6/0
0026 ¡Estoy Sano! Ensalada de quinoa con frijoles negros.mpg00:12:380.23/N/A7/0
0027 Estoy Sano! Ensalada Fresca De Repollo y Tomate00:09:430.23/N/A6/0
0028 Estoy Sano! El burrito vegetariano de María00:11:530.28/N/A6/0
0029 Estoy Sano! - Picadillo de Pollo00:11:250.27/N/A6/0
0030 Estoy Sano! - Cazuela de carne en un dos por tres00:09:530.23/N/A6/0
0031 Estoy Sano Asar creativa 100:13:300.74/N/A7/0
0032 Estoy Sano Asar creativa 200:10:310.57/N/A7/0
0301 Estoy Sano Mi Plato00:13:300.32/N/A5/0
0302 Estoy Sano 521000:09:460.23/N/A4/0
0303 Estoy Sano Bocadillos saludables para niños00:09:300.22/N/A6/0
0304 Estoy Sano - Reducir la sal y el sodio00:15:030.36/N/A5/0
0305 ¡Estoy Sano! - Compras en el mercado de agricultores00:05:380.13/N/A5/0
0306 ¡Estoy Sano! - Seleccionando bebidas mas saludables00:13:510.33/N/A5/0
0307 ¡Estoy Sano! - Mantener los alimentos seguros00:15:150.36/N/A7/0

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