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Mike Geronsin has the eye of the tiger: Sometimes the will of the fight reveals itself on his backyard vault before the snow has melted, or while he's hanging from the rings attached to the rafters of his garage, or while the fiftysomething, bowling pin-shaped former gymnast is somersaulting over the 5'7"-high bar he erected outside his kitchen and attached to two precariously placed holders with clothespins.

Forget the freezing temperatures that threaten to poke out and chew up that tiger's eye like it's a peeled grape: September through April is when Mikenastics is born, right there on the foam-block "gymnasium" floor of Geronsin's suburban home. Geronsin has made at least five TV episodes documenting his indoor Mikenastics, a form of utilitarian gymnastic exercises that require hide-a-bed cushions instead of floor mats and a makeshift plywood swing that Geronsin refers to as the "rack from the torture chamber." This is where Geronsin carefully counts his leg lifts as he swings alongside the 25 or so family pics that decorate the walls of the upper floor of his split-level home.

In fact, the best things about Mikenastics the show aren't his high-bar or vault moves, but the little ancillary pieces that reveal more about Geronsin than his acrobat past. For example: He knows the cost and precise measurement of everything he creates, he counts to three after each landing, he has a family member with an affinity for country decorations adorned with hearts and homes, and he sometimes kisses a Beanie Baby turkey before taking off from his bedroom to gain enough momentum to sail over the vault in his living room. As Geronsin would say: Classic.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

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