Detail For Show: The New England Job Show

Show Description:

This is a show produced by job seekers, for job seekers. We focus on the job search process.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: New England (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Chelmsford TeleMedia

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0002 NEJS show 2 R1.mpg00:00:240.01/N/A1/0
0002 NEJS show 2 Rev 1.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A2/0
0003 NEJS Show 3.mpg00:28:300.69/N/A2/0
0004 NEJS Show 4 Rev 1.mpg00:50:170.72/N/A1/0
0005 NEJS show 5.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A2/0
0006 NEJS Show 6.mpg00:28:300.68/N/A2/0
0007 NEJS show 7.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A3/0
0008 NEJS Show 8.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A2/0
0009 NEJS show 9.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A3/0
0010 NEJS show 10.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A6/0
0011 NEJS Show 11.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A6/0
0012 NEJS Show 12.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A5/0
0013 NEJS Show 13.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A3/0
0014 NEJS show 14.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A4/0
0015 New England Job Show.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A7/0
0016 New England Job Show 16.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A13/0
0017 NEJS Show 17.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A16/0
0018 NEJS show 18.mpg00:28:300.70/N/A19/0
0019 NEJS 019.mpeg00:28:300.70/N/A14/0
0020 NEJS show 20.mpeg00:28:300.70/N/A17/0
0021 NEJS fixed Audio.mpeg00:28:300.70/N/A12/0
0022 NEJS show 22.mpeg00:28:300.70/N/A11/0
0023 NEJS show 23.mpeg00:28:300.70/N/A10/0
0024 NEJS show 24.mpeg00:28:300.70/N/A10/0
0025 The New England Job Show 25.mpeg00:31:010.56/N/A11/0
0026 NEJS Show 26.mpeg00:28:300.69/N/A9/0
0027 NEJS Show 27.mpeg00:28:300.67/N/A10/0
0028 New England Job Show 28.mpeg00:28:300.70/N/A10/0
0029 NEJS Show 29.mpeg00:28:300.69/N/A10/0
0030 NEJS Show 30.mpeg00:28:420.52/N/A12/0
0031 NEJS Show 31.mpg00:28:470.68/N/A11/0
0032 NEJS Show 32.mpg00:29:490.53/N/A13/0

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