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“EC's Jook Joint” is a multi-award winning blues show produced on Midpenninsula Community Access in Palo Alto California by E C Scott, a well-known blues singer. The show is virtually all music from a wide variety of blues musicians.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

ECS Productions creates video programs for a Blues loving, community minded television viewing audience. We seek to unite dedicated followers of all Blues and other Traditional African American genres in an effort to strengthen the industry. ECS provides a complimentary outlet for artists and labels to showcase their talents! We are the only company of this kind dedicated to the unification, preservation and expansion of the Blues community.
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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: ECS Productions

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000 Jook Joint Promo 1.mpg00:00:430.02/N/A19/0
000 Jook Joint Promo 2.mpg00:02:170.03/N/A14/0
001 Jook Joint Carey Bell.mpg00:28:440.99/N/A41/0
002 Jook Joint KoKo Taylor.mpg00:28:090.99/N/A39/0
003 Jook Joint Odetta.mpg00:26:490.95/N/A54/0
004 Jook Joint Magic Slim.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A29/0
005 Jook Joint Jimmy Burns.mpg00:28:160.99/N/A41/0
006 Jook Joint Katie Webster.mpg00:29:440.86/N/A42/0
007 Jook Joint Willie Dixon.mpg00:29:450.86/N/A43/0
008 Jook Joint Denise La Salle.mpg00:28:180.86/N/A36/0
009 Jook Joint Buddy Guy.mpg00:38:540.58/N/A25/0
010 Jook Joint Bobbie Blue Band.mpg00:37:280.56/N/A25/0
011 Jook Joint Memphis Minnie.mpg00:28:310.56/N/A22/0
012 Jook Joint Big Joe Turner.mpg00:28:310.56/N/A25/0
013 Jook Joint Pinetop Perkins.mpg00:28:310.87/N/A22/0
014 Jook Joint Memphis Minnie.mpg00:52:390.78/N/A24/0
015 Jook Joint Big Joe Turner.mpg00:30:120.87/N/A21/0
016 Jook Joint Etta James.mpg00:30:560.89/N/A30/0
017 Jook Joint Johnny Guitar Watson.mpg00:30:290.88/N/A27/0
018 Jook Joint.mpg00:31:110.90/N/A20/0
019 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:390.89/N/A21/0
020 Jook Joint Otis Rush.mpg00:28:200.86/N/A34/0
021 Jook Joint Sippie Wallace.mpg00:32:480.49/N/A22/0
022 Jook Joint T Bone Walker.mpg00:30:270.88/N/A26/0
023 Jook Joint BB King.mpg00:30:430.89/N/A32/0
024 Jook Joint Little Milton.mpg00:30:270.88/N/A15/0
025 Jook Joint Memphis Slim.mpg00:30:090.87/N/A24/0
026 Jook Joint John Lee Hooker.mpg00:31:050.46/N/A32/0
027 Jook Joint Lonnie Johnson.mpg00:30:560.89/N/A20/0
028 Jook Joint Walter Shakey Horton.mpg00:31:050.46/N/A31/0
029 Jook Joint A Music Video Show.mpg00:28:180.46/N/A27/0
030 Jook Joint A Music Video Show Where the Party is Always Jumpin.mpg00:28:210.47/N/A29/0
031 Jook Joint A Music Video Show Where the Party is alway Jumpin.mpg00:28:190.86/N/A23/0
032 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:250.88/N/A14/0
033 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:090.87/N/A16/0
034 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:360.89/N/A16/0
035 Jook Joint The Romance Show.mpg00:28:200.46/N/A30/0
036 Jook Joint.mpg00:31:570.92/N/A14/0
038 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:340.88/N/A14/0
039 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:190.88/N/A15/0
040 Jook Joint.mpg00:29:250.89/N/A18/0
042 Jook Joint.mpg00:32:570.95/N/A14/0
043 Jook Joint.mpg00:33:250.97/N/A13/0
044 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:370.89/N/A13/0
045 Jook Joint Lightnin Hopkins.mpg00:34:440.99/N/A17/0
046 Jook Joint Otis Rush.mpg00:32:030.93/N/A16/0
047 Jook Joint.mpg00:31:220.91/N/A12/0
048 Jook Joint.mpg00:31:110.90/N/A15/0
049 Jook Joint.mpg00:29:550.87/N/A20/0
050 Jook Joint Big Joe Williams.mpg00:31:140.90/N/A20/0
051 Jook Joint.mpg00:28:320.87/N/A19/0
052 Jook Joint Junior Wells.mpg00:28:310.87/N/A21/0
054 Jook Joint Clarence Gatemouth Brown.mpg00:31:080.90/N/A21/0
055 Jook Joint Walter Trout.mpg00:30:240.88/N/A19/0
056 Jook Joint Bukka White.mpg00:31:310.91/N/A19/0
057 Jook Joint Dr Isaiah Ross.mpg00:31:360.91/N/A18/0
058 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:470.89/N/A18/0
059 Jook Joint.mpg00:30:490.89/N/A17/0
060 Jook Joint Helen Humes.mpg00:30:510.89/N/A18/0
061 Jook Joint Sun House.mpg00:28:200.86/N/A38/0
062 Jook Joint Up on the Blues with Dorothy Hill.mpg00:30:440.89/N/A16/0
063 Jook Joint 2009 Holiday Show00:51:350.62/N/A18/0
064 Jook Joint 2009 New Years Eve00:51:270.63/N/A18/0
073 Jook Joint A Music Video Show Where the Partys Always Jumpin.mpg00:28:260.86/N/A28/0
074 Jook Joint A Blues Music Video Show Where the Partys always Jumpin.mpg00:28:180.86/N/A28/0
078 Jook Joint Lonnie Brooks00:28:290.45/N/A36/0
079 Jook Joint Sonny Rhodes00:28:280.45/N/A38/0
080 Jook Joint A Music Video Show Where the Partys Always Jumpin.mpg00:28:300.87/N/A35/0
081 Jook Joint A Music Video Show Where thePartys always Jumpin.mpg00:28:320.87/N/A34/0
082 Jook Joint Garnet Mimms.mpg00:28:300.87/N/A48/0

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