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The LaRouche Connection is a news and information cable television program produced by EIR News Service. This is the place to see and hear Lyndon LaRouche, the world's foremost economic forecaster, who has inspired a worldwide political movement to reverse the depression collapse and bring about a new classical renaissance.

Distributed to about 150 cable systems, the program can be seen in over 10 million homes from coast to coast. In addition, a number of cable systems are now streaming live to the internet, which makes our programs available anywhere on the planet.

Our programs meet all the standard rules for Public Access programming are rated TV-G, meaning they are suitable for a general audience--adults and youth especially. They are NOT commercial or electoral campaign shows and are 1-hour (TRT=58:30).

What we offer is not just commentary on the news; the LaRouche movement is a major generator of great ideas which are making history internationally. And, what happens (or doesn't happen) in Russia, China, Europe, Africa, and Ibero-America, immediately and dramatically affects the lives of everyone in the United States.

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Show Producer: The LaRouche Connection

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0711 Averting Doom pt 1.mpg00:57:590.9311
0712 Averting Doom Pt 2.mpg00:58:310.936
0713 Interview-MJ Mapuranga-Zimbabwe Ambassador to US.mpg00:58:310.994
0714 Averting Doom Pt3.mpg00:58:310.994
0715 Firewall--In Defense of the Nation State.mpg00:58:310.993
0716 Tragedy and Hope Pt 1.mpg00:58:310.992
0717 China's Role in Solving the Global Crisis.mpg00:58:320.991
0718 Tragedy and Hope Pt 2.mpg00:58:310.991
0719 Tragedy and Hope Pt 3.mpg00:58:300.991
0720 One Year Later - But Still Not too Late Pt 1.mpg00:58:310.991
0721 Nineteen Thirty-Two, Acts 1 & 2.mpg00:58:320.993
0722 One Year Later , But Still Not Too Late, Part 2.mpg00:58:310.991
0723 The World Needs a New Financial Architecture.mpg00:58:310.993
0724 The Program for World Economic Recovery Part 1.mpg00:58:310.993
0725 The Program for World Economic Recovery Part 2.mpg00:58:310.992
0726 The Program for World Economic Recovery Part 3.mpg00:58:310.992
0727 Civilization's Last Chance? Part 1.mpg00:58:310.992
0728 Civilization's Last Chance? Part 2.mpg00:58:310.992
0729 Civilization's Last Chance? Part 3.mpg00:58:310.991
0730 President Omama's Options Part 1.mpg00:58:310.998
0731 President Obama's Options Part 2.mpg00:58:310.993
0732 The Issue is Bankruptcy Part 1.mpg00:58:310.993
0733 The Astounding Hight Cost of 'Free' Energy.mpg00:58:310.996
0734 Britain's Dope, Inc.mpg00:58:310.992
0735 The British Empire Must be Destroyed.mpg00:58:310.994
0736 Americans No Longer Accept Their President or Congress00:58:310.991
0737 EIR News Sept 21 2009.mpg00:58:310.991
0738 Down with the British Empire.mpg00:58:310.999
0739 The Great Change of 2009.mpg00:58:310.992
20100907 The Debate Barney Frank Doesn't Want You to See.mpg01:00:190.992
Oct 18, 2016 Back to Hamiltonian Economics00:58:310.692
the USA needs the Glass-steagall banking law now00:58:300.681

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