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YANKEE GIRL TV is a Reality/Variety show with Host, Michelle Spaziano, a singer/entertainer, actress & TV Show Host, originally from New York living in Music City Nashville, TN chasing her dreams. The show includes Michelle, original host of "PowerBlock" on Spike TV, doing a number of fun exciting things from adventures, auditions, celebrity/local interviews to comical spoofs. The show's catch is a "Yankee Girl" living in the South chasing her dreams with a comedic tone. A show the whole family can watch!!

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This is a show the whole family can watch and relate to! It's light hearted and funny with a variety of segments that are sure to entertain all types of people, personalities and age groups. The reality side of the show is quite relatable to the average person without all the drama while the spoofs are over the top and funny! The Host and Producer of "Yankee Girl TV", Michelle Spaziano, was the original Host of "PowerBlock" on Spike TV and already has a following and fan base nationwide. Her natural funny demeanor is engaging while being herself or playing a character on the show. For more visit: and

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Tennessee

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: YANKEE GIRL TV

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YGTV_EP25_Kids and The Zoo 00:28:280.9919
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YGTV_EP28_Lily's Garden.mpeg00:28:280.9917
YGTV_EP29_Waldens Puddle Wildlife Rehabilitation.mpeg 00:28:300.9920
YGTV_EP2_Roller Derby/YG Adventures.mpeg00:28:280.6845
YGTV_EP30_The Best of Coffee Talk00:28:320.9918
YGTV_EP31_Music Music Music00:28:280.9918
YGTV_Ep33_Princess_Theatre_Tribute_Show_Part II 00:28:310.9915
YGTV_Ep34_California Tour & CT fan mail.mpeg00:28:300.9918
YGTV_Ep35_ The L Revue Live PART I00:28:300.9912
YGTV_Ep36_The L Revue Part II00:28:400.9911
YGTV_Ep37_Patsy Cline Tribute Show00:28:290.9913
YGTV_Ep38_Making of Super Yankee Girl.mpeg00:28:300.9911
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