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Harold Klemp is the spiritual leader of Eckankar. He is the author of Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel, along with more than sixty other published works about Soul's journey home to God. Known as a pioneer of "everyday spirituality," he is helping thousands discover the way of bringing the enlightenment of Soul into everyday life and practice.

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Maine Satsang

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0000 Discover the Mahanta00:28:430.926
0001 How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times.mpg00:29:190.959
0002 You are a Cup for the Living Water.mpg00:28:380.936
0003 Stand Back for a Better Look.mpg00:28:360.937
0004 God is Love00:28:370.926
0005 Gods Love is a Wonderful Thing00:28:350.926
0006 Inside a Circle of Friends00:28:370.925
0007 If God is God Then Who are You00:28:370.945
0008 The Law of Love00:28:370.885
0009 What's it All About00:28:360.934
0010 Gifts Stranger than Fiction00:28:370.934
0011 The Secret Path to God00:28:330.903
0012 The Langauge of Love00:28:330.924
0013 Thanks for the Help and Love00:25:330.834
0014 The Foolish of God00:28:030.914
0015 The Power of Love00:28:030.923
0016 The Quest for Love00:28:330.923
0017 All has Meaning00:28:030.913
0018 The Road to Spiritual Freedom A History00:28:060.893
0019 The Road to Spiritual Freedom Travel Tips00:28:330.923
0020 True Wisdom the Masters Love00:28:220.932
0021 True Wisdom Learning from the Past00:28:050.933
0022 All Has Meaning Seeing the Bigger Picture00:28:030.913
0023 The Heart and Hand of God Stories of Creativity00:28:050.913
0024 The Heart and Hand of God Jewels of Wisdom00:28:050.913
0025 The Law of Returns In the Arms of Love00:28:050.923
0026 The Law of Returns What Goes Around Comes Around00:28:060.923
0027 Acres of Diamonds00:28:070.913
0028 A Sheep from Another Fold00:28:330.923
0029 Under the Spread of the Holy Spirits Wings00:28:070.903
0030 Its a Miracle00:27:500.890
0031 The Breath of God00:28:460.920
0032 Lessons and Blessings00:28:350.920
0033 Change is Change00:28:410.920
0034 The Tensions of Living00:28:010.900
0035 Shifting Gears00:27:580.910
0036 The Secret Path to Heaven00:27:310.830
0037 Spiritual Lessons from Living00:27:590.850
0038 A Golden Contract00:27:530.840
0039 Teacher and Student00:27:260.830
0040 All in Good Time00:27:340.830
0041 A Mission Renewed00:27:590.840
0042 Love in Motion00:27:590.840
0043 Just Keep Trying00:28:170.850
0044 The Langauge of Love00:27:220.831

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