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Connect Your Stories Video Productions presents a variety of documentaries, family histories, and educational adventures in art, unusual businesses, non-profit organizations concerned with health of our planet, and shows about health that one doesn't read or hear about. In January 2013, Connect Your Stories began Meet MetroWest, a show that explores a new business or cultural event in this large area of Massachusetts.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The major shows I'd like to promote here are Angels of Austria: The Church That Reached Out To Holocaust Survivors and See What's Whispered: The Legacy of Artist David C. Baker. Those short documentaries will be appreciated by all ages, history buffs, artists, poets, cultural types, and anyone who is seeking a more peaceful inner life. The two documentaries have historical merit and are also intensely personal. They both demonstrate how personal choices effect others.

Angels of Austria was shown to thousands of people in New England. It was applauded by young and old alike. See What's Whispered is a brand new documentary about how one artist in New Hampshire touches lives around the world with his contagious love and creativity.

Type of Show: Specials

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Connect Your Stories Video Productions

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002 Oars Part 2 Choosing the Fate of Our Water Resources: Adapting To Climate Disruption. Crisis And Choices00:29:370.70/N/A3/0
A Journey to Renaissance Aesthetics: European Natural Skin Care00:29:590.72/N/A3/0
Angels Of Austria: The Church That Reached Out To Holocaust Survivors00:33:140.78/N/A7/0
Computer Exchange 100:24:250.57/N/A4/0
Get Centered and Anne Gulick00:30:400.71/N/A0/0
Meet MetroWest Racing Father Time00:27:370.64/N/A2/0
Meet MetroWest: Get Centered Massage Demonstration & Nutrition Coach Anne Gulick00:30:400.71/N/A0/0
Meet MetroWest: Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History00:26:010.60/N/A7/0
Meet MetroWest; Interview With Dynamite Art Director Lynne Johnson 00:25:180.59/N/A0/0
Oars Part 1 Senator Jamie Eldridge and Pete Shanahan from OARS00:28:180.67/N/A2/0
Oars Part 3 Choosing the Fate of Our Water Resources: Adapting to Climate Disruption. Local Effects of Climate Change 00:29:010.69/N/A1/0
OARS part 4 New Kind of Infrastructure: Littleton Smart Sewer Project with Bob Zimmerman00:29:480.71/N/A0/0
Oars Part 5 New Kind of Infrastructure Case Studies of Water and Wastewater Reuse00:23:230.55/N/A1/0
See What's Whispered: The Legacy of Artist David C. Baker00:59:010.99/N/A10/0
Symphony Pro Musica: American Spirit 201301:23:570.99/N/A1/0
Symphony Pro Musica: American Spirit 2013-2014 season01:23:570.99/N/A1/0
Synergia Show: art,music,poetry reacts to local history01:17:500.99/N/A2/0
Tales of a Tail-Less Cat00:23:480.56/N/A3/0
The Four Seasons of Mt. Katahdin: short photography video00:10:510.26/N/A5/0
Three Brothers by Phil Berman, performed by Free Hand Puppet Theater00:51:050.99/N/A2/0

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