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Host Jack Bevilacqua’s goal is to reach out to the community with financial information that will be helpful to everyone, at every stage in their lives. His 40 years of experience in the financial services profession have given him insight into which issues matter most to young families, retirees, and small business owners.

He weaves real-life stories into his discussions with expert guests from such areas as: college funding, investing, social security, 401(k) plans, mortgages, long-term health care insurance, investment fraud, annuities, real estate investments, estate planning and retirement.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Jennifer Napolitano

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6.15 Money Talk_College Debt00:28:460.00/N/A67/0
Estate Planning for a Family Vacation Home00:28:150.00/N/A34/0
Financial Planning for Long Term Healthcare00:27:230.00/N/A85/0
How to Choose a Tax Professional00:27:180.00/N/A85/0
Making College Affordable by Maximizing Financial Aid00:28:360.00/N/A92/0
Making Your Estate Plan Work00:28:550.00/N/A12/0
Medicare-Beyond the Basics00:28:540.00/N/A58/0
Money Talk - Estate Planning and Family Meeting00:28:010.00/N/A80/0
Money Talk-Raising Money-Savvy Kids00:27:380.00/N/A92/0
Money Talk: Take Control of Spending and Increase Cash Flow00:28:340.00/N/A46/0
MoneyTalk_1015 Discovering the Secrets of Personal credit00:30:570.00/N/A43/0
MoneyTalk_116 Special needs estate planning00:28:110.00/N/A41/0
MoneyTalk_121917_Tax Planning00:28:520.00/N/A25/0
MoneyTalk_121917_Tax PlanningHD00:28:52N/A/0.000/10
MoneyTalk_816 ReverseMortgage00:29:160.00/N/A39/0
MoneyTalk_Advice When Your Adult Child Moves Home00:28:190.00/N/A30/0
MoneyTalk_Elder Financial Abuse00:29:280.00/N/A29/0
MoneyTalk_Estate Planning for Digital Assets00:28:450.00/N/A57/0
MoneyTalk_Long Term Care NOW00:28:510.00/N/A64/0
MoneyTalk_Mar.2016.Identity Theft00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
MoneyTalk_Mortgage Real Estate Strategies_05161800:28:500.00/N/A15/0
MoneyTalk_Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)_11201600:29:130.00/N/A27/0
MoneyTalk_Social Security and Retirement Planning_Sept201800:28:52N/A/0.000/5
MoneyTalk_The Psychology of RISK00:28:010.00/N/A36/0
Money_Talk 4-2015 Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)00:27:400.00/N/A52/0
money_talk_Money Management for Couples00:29:500.00/N/A79/0
PART 2: Medicare-Beyond the Basics00:28:400.00/N/A50/0
Protecting Your Credit Data00:27:170.00/N/A33/0
Socially Responsible Investing-Past, Present, and Future00:27:28N/A/0.000/19
Socially Responsible Investing-Past, Present, and Future00:27:280.00/N/A24/0

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