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Rock Your Block depicts positive activities in the community from business, educational, political, and social environments within the Washington Metropolitan Corridor.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Would be of interest to Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia as well as across the nation.
Home State: Rock Your Block is produced in Fairfax County, Virginia. The show is family oriented.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Southeast (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maryland

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Tijuana Young

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to Tijuana Young for covering this cost.

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0008 Lynns Unique Jewelry00:27:120.00/N/A7/0
0009 Bryan Young Freelance Videographer00:20:220.00/N/A6/0
00101 Black Farmers in America00:26:550.00/N/A6/0
00102 RYB Meet Candalada00:28:300.00/N/A2/0
00103 RYB Chef Lynette Jackson00:25:470.00/N/A3/0
00105 RYB Part2 Series on Black Farming in America.mpg200:27:220.00/N/A3/0
00106 RYB Larry Laws Interviewes CandaLada Part 2.mgp200:26:420.00/N/A1/0
00107 RYB with Larry Laws and Ross Levine00:27:040.00/N/A2/0
00108 RYB Cooking with Chef Lynnette and Gregory00:27:510.00/N/A4/0
00109 RYB with Joseph Clark and Edward Coleman of SCORE00:27:290.00/N/A1/0
0011 James Jack for Ernestine J. Wilson Real Estate00:27:540.00/N/A4/0
00116 RYB Tia and Edwin Nichols on Black Lives Matter00:27:200.00/N/A2/0
00117 RYB Tia interviewing Dionne Calhoun00:27:320.00/N/A1/0
00119 RYB Working with Your Keller Williams Real Estate Professional00:28:460.00/N/A2/0
0012 Brynda Johnson for Egyptian Secrets International00:28:160.00/N/A4/0
0015 Rock Your Block Egyptian Secrets Exercising with Brynda Johnson and Tonya Walton00:25:400.00/N/A3/0
0016 Rock Your Block - Dr. Alancia Wynn00:27:070.00/N/A4/0
0022 Julia Smith for Hair Care00:27:460.00/N/A8/0
0024 Belly Dancing with Camilla Karam.mgp00:26:560.00/N/A6/0
0027 Rock Your Block First Home Alliance with Tia Young and Larry Laws Sr00:27:540.00/N/A2/0
0029 Rock Your Block Homes Radio with James Jack00:27:150.00/N/A1/0
0030 Rock Your Block with Tia Young and Dr. Edwin J Nichols on Stop & Frisk Laws00:28:000.00/N/A3/0
0031 Rock Your Block Homes Radio with James Jack and Donna Hurley00:27:110.00/N/A2/0
0032 Rock Your Block with MicroSoft and Tia Young with Rick Green on Windows 800:27:240.00/N/A2/0
0034 Rock Your Block Egyptian Secrets on Women and Power with Brynda Johnson & Don Moragne00:27:330.00/N/A3/0
0035 Rock Your Block Homes Radio with James Jack and Lonnie Ford00:26:450.00/N/A2/0
0036 Rock Your Block The Eyes Have it with Tia Young, Dr. David Goldberg & Dr. Alexander Melamud.pmg00:26:300.00/N/A3/0
0037 Rock Your Block Home Inspection Review with James Jack and Alton Webb00:27:590.00/N/A2/0
0038 Rock Your Block with Tia Young and Kevin Hailstock on Website Development and Design00:26:350.00/N/A3/0
0039 Rock Your Block with Homes Radio, James Jack and Leonard S Greenberger00:26:540.00/N/A2/0
0040 Rock Your Block with Tia Young and Larry Laws, First Homes Alliance00:25:510.00/N/A2/0
0041 Introspective Time Capsule with James Jack00:26:510.00/N/A3/0
0042 Brynda Johnson with WOW Moments with Don Moragne00:25:440.00/N/A2/0
0043 Middle America Insurance Crisis Part 100:26:250.00/N/A2/0
0044 Middle America Insurance Crisis Part 200:27:410.00/N/A2/0
0051 ICOD Too Many Rules by Alma Haygood00:26:400.00/N/A2/0
0052 ICOD Dr. Denise Wilson Have You Considered My Servant Job00:27:470.00/N/A2/0
0052 James Jack and Dawn Mabery on Grant Development00:26:300.00/N/A2/0
0053 ICOD An Honest Talk About Civil Rights in American and Ferguson00:26:590.00/N/A2/0
0053 RYB 495 Metro with Trudy and Ed Richardson Introduction to Segment00:27:020.00/N/A2/0
0054 ICOD Part2 Rev Dr. Sharon Anderson and Dr. E Faye Williams on Ferguson.mgp00:27:270.00/N/A2/0
0055 RYB 495 Metro New Year Resolutions, Part 1 with Trudy and Ed Richardson00:26:300.00/N/A1/0
0056 RYB featuring 495 Metro with Trudy and Ed Richardson Resolutions Part 200:26:150.00/N/A2/0
0057 RYB Larry Laws and Gwendolyn Walton on New Home Purchases00:26:100.00/N/A2/0
0058 Rock Your Block with Michelle Overton and Dr. Anna Ouspenskaya and Music Students00:25:390.00/N/A3/0
0059 Rock Your Block with James Jack on Working With Your Construction Contractor00:26:410.00/N/A3/0
0060 Rock Your Block with Dr. Brynda Johnson and Carmolita Cesar00:27:350.00/N/A3/0
0061 Rock Your Block with Trudy and Ed Richarson with Womens Panel for 495 Metro00:27:210.00/N/A3/0
0066 Rock Your Block with Trudy and Ed Richardson and Makeup Artist Naia Richardson00:26:040.00/N/A3/0
0067 RYB Larry Laws and Attorney David Field on Real Estate and the Settlement Table00:27:400.00/N/A2/0
0068 RYB James Jack and Lorette Farris on Small Business Equity Financing00:26:580.00/N/A3/0
0069 RYB Shameeka Hunt and Sylvia Lett Showcasing the Hour Glas Garment for Women00:27:310.00/N/A2/0
0070 RYB Revised with Trudy and Ed Richardson with Lorette Farris on Small Business Financing00:27:210.00/N/A3/0
0072 RYB Tia Young with Lynn Strange and Leona Nichols, Domestic Violence of Women and Children00:26:370.00/N/A3/0
0073 RYB Brynda Johnson and Tony Hatton Discuss Recreating Your Destiny00:26:570.00/N/A2/0
0075 RYB Larry Laws and PJ Santiago - Keller Williams Real Estate Super Star00:27:590.00/N/A2/0
0079 RYB Cooking with Trudy and Ed Richardson, You Are What You Eat00:24:340.00/N/A3/0
0080 RYB Larry Laws Interviewing Danielle Williams00:29:080.00/N/A3/0
0081 RYB Tia Young Interviewing Dr. Gene Levinson00:25:230.00/N/A5/0
0082 RYB with Gene Levinson and Greg Nussbaum00:28:360.00/N/A4/0
0083 RYB with Gene Levinson and Greg Nussbaum Part200:26:170.00/N/A3/0
0084 RYB Larry Laws and Don Scoggins00:27:570.00/N/A3/0
0085 RYB with Cynthia Karnik Jeff Beck and Nick Ramfos00:24:400.00/N/A3/0
0086 RYB Gene Levinson Interviewing Wayne Carley00:26:400.00/N/A3/0
0091 RYB Beyond the Classroom with Gene Levinson and Khadijah A Mitchell00:27:510.00/N/A3/0
0092 RYB 495 Metro with Trudy and Ed Richardson00:26:490.00/N/A3/0
0096 RYB Beyound the Classroom with Dr. Levinson and Dr. Mark R. Ginsberg.mg00:28:210.00/N/A3/0
0097 RYB GovPartners Presents with Pamela Olmstead00:24:120.00/N/A3/0
0098 RYB Interview with Chef Lynnette Jackson00:26:350.00/N/A2/0
0099 RYB Dr. Levinson Interviews Kevin Murray on Beyond the Classroom00:28:500.00/N/A3/0
0100 RYB Larry Laws Interviews Shauna D Goldman00:27:300.00/N/A2/0
0104 RYB Larry Laws Interviewing Ross Levin00:25:210.00/N/A3/0
0136 RYB Larry Laws Walkiria Pool00:28:200.00/N/A1/0
0137 RYB Tia Young and Kate Celius00:27:260.00/N/A0/0
0138 RYB Larry Laws David Harris00:27:110.00/N/A0/0
0140 RYB with Tia Young Elise Kinyanjui Kathy Larin00:28:060.00/N/A0/0
0141 RYB with Tia Young Corine Lisa Reed00:26:550.00/N/A0/0
0142 RYB Larry Laws with Kay Smith Jackie Fields-Gleadall00:27:340.00/N/A0/0
0144 Revised RYB Tia Young with Ronnie Dasgupta Team00:26:570.00/N/A1/0
Rock Your Block 126 Social Media Panel00:27:580.00/N/A3/0

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