Detail For Show: Choice at Risk - 7 minidocs and 25 clips in English and versions with Spanish Subtitles

Show Description:

In response to escalating restrictions on reproductive rights, we are offering a video toolkit of resources: 25 short clips (1, 2, 3 mins each), 7 mini-docs (5 to 7 mins each), and 4 documentary films. The clips and mini-docs are culled from Dorothy Fadiman’s OSCAR-nominated, EMMY-winning trilogy From the Back Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond.

At the heart of this campaign is the 7 minute mini-doc: Choice at Risk. It traces the history of abortion access in the US - from the back alley days through the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion, then documents the story of an abortion provider whose clinic was firebombed. This final segment underscores the unrelenting challenges faced by those who provide abortion services today.

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The 7 minidocs and 25 clips are in English. The ones with Spanish subtitles have a prefix of "Spanish-subtitles-" in the title.


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clip-A Pro-Choice Clergyman Defends Women’s Rights (1:47)00:01:460.003
clip-Abortion Clinics & Providers Face Violence (1:50)00:01:490.003
clip-Abortion Law: The History (2:15)00:02:140.004
clip-Abortion Providers Threatened by Protesters (2:40)00:02:390.003
clip-Abortion Restrictions: The Impact (3:32)00:03:310.003
clip-Anti-Choice Demonstrators Torment Abortion Patients: Kris’s Story (2:20)00:02:190.003
clip-Anti–abortion Protest Backfires (2:27)00:02:260.003
clip-Arranging Safe Abortions: Jane (2:25)00:02:240.003
clip-Courageous Clinic Director Excommunicated (2:30)00:02:290.004
clip-Dr. Supports Aborting a Fetus with no Brain Tissue (2:38)00:02:370.003
clip-Legalization of Birth Control (0:59)00:00:580.003
clip-No Birth Control: Lana’s Story (1:58)00:01:570.002
clip-Ostracized After an Abortion Sherri's Story (2:15)00:02:360.003
clip-Pro-Choice Clergy Risk Arrest to Find Safe Abortions (3:37)00:03:360.003
clip-Pro-Choice Medical Students (2:15)00:02:140.003
clip-Providing Abortion Services: The Challenge (1:44)00:01:420.002
clip-Providing Illegal Abortions: Risking Arrest to Help Desperate Women (1:55)00:01:540.003
clip-Repealing Abortion Laws (4:18)00:04:170.003
clip-Roe v. Wade: Sarah Weddington’s Story (2:32)00:02:320.003
clip-Searching for a Safe Abortion: Russ’s Story (2:27)00:02:260.002
clip-Self-induced Abortion Death: Lola’s story (1:59)00:01:580.003
clip-The Danger of Illegal Abortions: Dorothy’s Story (1:25)00:01:230.002
clip-When Abortion Was IllegalWhen Abortion Was Illegal: Nurses & Physicians Share Memories(1:43)00:01:420.003
clip: Dolores Huerta is Pro-Choice (2:21)00:02:210.003
clip: In a Home for Unwed Mothers: Rosalie’s Story (2:15)00:02:140.003
Los médicos del aborto hablan públicamente (9:20)00:09:190.001
mindoc-Choice at Risk: From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond (6:59)00:06:590.008
minidoc-Abortion Caregivers Speak Out (9:20)00:09:190.008
minidoc-Abortion Clinics & Providers Targeted (8:15)00:08:140.008
minidoc-Before Roe v. Wade: Personal Stories (8:30)00:08:290.009
minidoc-Finding Safe Illegal Abortions (7:35)00:07:340.008
minidoc-Latino Perspectives (6:57)00:06:000.007
minidoc-Legalizing Abortion and Birth Control (5:36) 00:05:350.006
Spanish_subtitles-minidoc Abortion Clinics & Providers Targeted (8:15)00:08:140.002
Spanish_subtitles-minidoc Perspectivas Latinas (6:57)00:06:000.002
Spanish_subtitles-minidoc-Abortion Caregivers Speak Out (9:20)00:09:190.003
Spanish_subtitles-minidoc-Before Roe vs Wade: Personal Stories (8:30)00:08:290.002
Spanish_subtitles-minidoc-Choice at Risk (7:00)00:06:590.001
Spanish_subtitles-minidoc-Finding Safe Illegal Abortions (7:35)00:07:340.002
Spanish_subtitles-minidoc-Legalizing-Abortion-and-Birth-Control (5:36)00:05:350.002

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