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Viewers are invited daily to hear the issues affecting the Peninsula on our "One on One" program. Hosted by Dani Gasparini, it highlights various people and organizations throughout the Peninsula via a series of one-on-one interviews. Guests are invited to be interviewed by the former Redwood City Mayor to inform the community about upcoming events, or to share a worthy cause to the public.

The program has been known to generate answers to the issues concerning the community separating the facts from opinion. In addition, the program helps strike up conversations on hot button topics like the current High Speed Rail project to upcoming elections.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Peninsula Television, Inc.

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001123 One on One Michelle Chang.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
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001131 One on One Scott Delucchi.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001132 One on One Meredith Hagedorn.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001134 One on One Dr Roberson.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001139 One on One Tasha Bartholomew.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001140 One on One Derek Rohlffs.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001141 One on One Dr. Patricia Harbour.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001142 One on One Marilou Seiff.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001143 One on One Laura Guluzzy.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001144 One on One Kelcey Harrison.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001145 One on One Adrienne Etherton.mpg00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001147 One on One Carole Groom00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001148 One on One Carole Groom00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001149 One on One Sharon Ranals00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001150 One on One Cheryl Grantano00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001151 One on One Gayle Pietras00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
001152 One on One Sean Brooks00:10:000.28/N/A0/0
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