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"The Weakness" centers around a 400+ year old vampire with a Billy Idol complex, an even older vampire with a desperate and panicked taste for young blood and a young woman who is sweet, loony, yet always inappropriately dressed in prom-wear who knows a lot more than she is letting on. And the vampire's sire, whose taste for blood and power goes pushes him beyond the boundaries sound judgment.

This story is much much more than your standard vampire fare. It is about love - loss - regret - bitterness - mistakes made - mistakes corrected - and of course still wanting to stick it to your father, even after 400 years.

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Story, character development and passion is what is important in our show. This show has adult topics. Yes there are vampires and monsters, but the most frightening aspect of this "horror" show are the horrors and demons we must confront within every day. Note: there are very occasional adult language and occasional offscreen violence - therefore, this show is best played in the evenings or overnight. But what better time for a vampire show than on the overnight? :)

Also - our production quality has increased greatly as we move into Season 2. We upgraded to HD cameras, cinematic style lighting and audio and most recently video with full cinematic interchangeable lenses. Just like real TV! Actually, we kind of are. Be sure to start from the beginning as the story weaves its tale in a linear fashion.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the show! More episodes are coming!

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Pennsylvania

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Francis Rocks! Productions

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100: Season 1 Sizzle Trailer!00:02:050.0518
101 Episode 1: He's all Yours; Plus bonus promo "Interview with a Vampire"00:19:450.3531
102 Episode 2: "I'm so sorry" & bonus Episode 3: "Sweet Dreams"00:27:440.5025
103 Episode 4: "It all just fell away"00:27:130.4522
104 Episode 5:"Finte ins Tempo" & Episode 6: "One of Them"00:26:340.2621
105 Episode 7: "A Few Things to Take Care of"00:18:150.5920
106 Episode 8: "The King and Queen Don't Dance Anymore"00:29:100.8520
107 Episode 9: "Old Dark Roads"00:19:350.5817
108 Episode 10: "Delicate Matters"00:19:410.6216
109 Episode 11: "Two Vampires Walk into a Bar"00:24:070.7516
110 Episode 12: "Repentance"00:19:530.6415
111 Episode 13: "Redemption"00:26:500.9916
200 Season 2 Sizzle Trailer!00:03:080.113
201: Episode 1, Season 2: "Everything is Different Now"00:24:170.7917
202: Episode 2, Season 2 "Chains of the Past"00:19:580.7213
203: Epsiode 3, Season 2 - "Guilty as Charged"00:19:110.7413
204: Episode 4, Season 2 - "Blindsided"00:19:130.7612
205: Episode 5, Season 2 - "Light Out"00:28:130.9913
206: Episode 6, Season 2 - "Always and Forever"00:15:000.6012
207 Episode 7, Season 2: "You're Responsible"00:32:430.997
207a Episode 7, Part 1 - Season 2, "You're Responsible"00:16:580.603
207b Episode 7 Part 2 Season 2 "You're Responsible"00:18:250.723
208 Episode 8, Season 2: "Tuesday's Child"00:26:280.995

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