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Sound the Trumpet is an edited version of the worship service which includes contemporary worship songs and hyms and a message from one of the pastors on staff for that given week. It is produced on a weekly basis whenever possible.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Lowell Assembly of God Church

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to Lowell Assembly of God Church for covering this cost.

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0001 STT 10JUN12 AM.mpg00:59:270.0010
0002 STT 24JUN12 AM.mpg00:58:190.004
0003 STT 01JUL12 AM.mpg00:53:150.005
0004 STT 08JUL12 AM.mpg00:52:290.004
0005 STT 15JUL12 AM.mpg00:59:040.004
0006 STT 22JUL12 AM.mpg00:58:200.003
0007 STT 29JUL12 AM.mpg00:56:380.004
0008 STT 19AUG12 AM.mpg00:59:460.003
0009 STT 26AUG12 AM.mpg00:56:490.003
0010 STT 02SEP12 AM.mpg00:56:130.005
0011 STT 09SEP12 AM.mpg00:58:140.004
0012 STT 16SEP12 AM.mpg00:58:170.005
0013 STT 23SEP12 AM.mpg00:59:220.005
0014 STT 30SEP12 AM.mpg00:59:440.003
0015 STT 14OCT12 AM.mpg00:58:410.002
0016 STT 21OCT12 AM.mpg00:58:280.003
0017 STT 28OCT12 AM.mpg00:58:410.003
0018 STT 11NOV12 AM.mpg00:59:470.003
0019 STT 18NOV12 AM.mpg00:58:250.003
0020 STT 25NOV12 AM.mpg00:58:030.003
0021 STT 02DEC12 AM.mpg00:59:430.004
0026 STT 13JAN13 AM00:59:450.005
0027 STT 20JAN13 AM00:59:550.004
0028 STT 27JAN13 AM01:00:350.004
0029 STT 03FEB13 AM00:54:490.003
0030 STT 10FEB13 AM00:59:590.002
0031 STT 17FEB13 AM00:59:450.003
0032 STT 24FEB13 AM00:59:520.004
0033 STT 10MAR13 AM00:57:000.003
0034 STT 17MAR13 AM00:59:480.004
0035 STT 24MAR13 AM00:59:200.003
0036 STT 31MAR13 AM00:58:420.003
0037 STT 07APR13 AM00:59:490.003
0038 STT 14APR13 AM00:56:510.003
0039 STT 21APR13 AM00:58:380.001
0040 STT 28APR13 AM00:59:050.001
0041 STT 05MAY13 AM00:59:390.001
0042 STT 12MAY13 AM00:59:390.001
0043 STT 02JUN13 AM00:59:360.001
0044 STT 09JUN13 AM00:59:420.001
0045 STT 16JUN13 AM00:56:530.002
0046 STT 23JUN13 AM00:59:150.002
0047 STT 30JUN13 AM00:59:360.002
0048 STT 14JUL13 AM00:59:500.002
0049 STT 21JUL13 AM00:59:360.002
0050 STT 28JUL13 AM00:59:420.002
0051 STT 04AUG13 AM00:58:540.002
0052 STT 08DEC13 AM00:59:530.002
0053 STT 05JAN14 AM00:59:480.004
0054 STT 12JAN14 AM00:59:380.004
0055 STT 19JAN14 AM00:58:210.003
0056 STT 26JAN14 AM00:59:310.003
0057 STT 02FEB14 AM00:59:450.004
0058 STT 09FEB14 AM00:53:490.004
0059 STT 16FEB14 AM00:58:500.006
0060 STT 23FEB14 AM00:59:410.006

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