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The Kari Adams Show is about dating, relationships, and lifestyle where Kari interviews expert guests on such topics. As a matchmaker, date coach and singles event host, Kari knows what it takes to find and KEEP love.

Guests include authors, celebrities, relationship experts and everyday people who have found love against the odds. Each episode focuses upon the positive aspects of dating and is intended for the viewer to feel hopeful, encouraged and excited about dating and being single.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Jersey

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Princeton TV 30 - Host/Producer Kari Adams

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0212 The Kari Adams Show w/ Guest author Jane Coloccia - Part 100:30:060.94/N/A10/0
0213 The Kari Adams Show w/ Guest author Jane Coloccia - Part 200:27:470.87/N/A7/0
0214 The Kari Adams Show w/ Guest Anthony Schiavo President of Private Aviation Company, Legacy Aviation00:30:330.73/N/A6/0
0215 - The Kari Adams Show - "Ask Kari"00:17:030.53/N/A4/0
0216 - The Kari Adams Show with Guest Comedian Karith Foster00:25:230.81/N/A7/0
0217 - The Kari Adams Show00:27:470.89/N/A5/0
0217 - The Kari Adams Show with Guest Mayor Ron Jones00:30:040.96/N/A3/0
0218 - The Kari Adams Show00:29:030.93/N/A3/0
0219 The Kari Adams Show - Midlife Eating Disorders with Guest Gail Schoenbach00:29:470.95/N/A5/0
0220 The Kari Adams Show w/ "The Latina Carrie Bradshaw" blogger and author of "Love Trips"00:28:510.92/N/A4/0
0221 - The Kari Adams Show with Guest ABC's 'The Bachelorette' Contestant David Good00:27:320.88/N/A5/0
0222 -The Kari Adams Show w/ Co-author's of 'The Jessie Books'00:27:080.86/N/A4/0
0223 - The Kari Adams Show - Let's Talk G-Shot - An enhancement procedure for WOMEN only!00:31:320.99/N/A2/0
0224 - The Kari Adams Show - 'Kick Ass' & 'Law & Order' Actress Deborah Twiss00:34:090.99/N/A2/0
0225 - The Kari Adams Show - From Addicted & Homeless to Finding Love & Happiness!00:00:000.99/N/A5/0
0226 - The Kari Adams Show Hot Dating Topics on "Ask Kari" with Live Studio Audience Part 100:27:010.86/N/A3/0
0227 - The Kari Adams Show - "Ask Kari" in front of Live Studio Audience Part 200:33:100.99/N/A1/0
0228 - The Kari Adams Show with Guest 'The Spinsterlicious Life' Author Eleanore Wells00:24:290.78/N/A3/0
0229 - The Kari Adams Show - How to Have a Match Made in Heaven authors Ariel & Shaya Kane00:28:210.90/N/A4/0
0230 - The Kari Adams Show - The Continuous Appetite author Sophie Skover00:25:520.82/N/A5/0
0232 - The Kari Adams Show - Kari Re-brands Her Show & Talks With Producer00:27:420.88/N/A1/0
0233 - The Kari Adams Show with Susan Belfiore who Adopted 4 HIV Infected Children from Romania00:25:300.81/N/A1/0
0234 - The Kari Adams Show w/ Whole Foods Wellness Director Anthony Dissen00:28:490.92/N/A2/0
0236 - The Kari Adams Show With Girl's Empowerment Program Sage Girl Director Emily Bent00:27:310.88/N/A1/0
0237 - The Kari Adams Show with Loredana who was Adopted with HIV by Susan Belfiore From Romania00:33:010.99/N/A0/0
0238 - The Kari Adams Show with Lifestyle & Wellness Expert Elaine Morales00:27:210.87/N/A2/0
0238 - The Kari Adams Show with Social Marketing Expert Georgianne Vinicombe00:30:440.98/N/A2/0
0239 - The Kari Adams Show (Killer Confidence) with Breathwork Therapist Jane Martin00:26:270.84/N/A2/0
The Kari Adams Show - Single Mother Gets Artificially Inseminated00:28:530.92/N/A2/0
The Kari Adams Show -NYC Based Writer & Poet Caroline Rothstein Performs her famous "Fat" Poem 00:26:170.84/N/A3/0

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