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Hosted by Russell Libby M.D. of the Northern Virginia Medical Society this program provides timely, accurate and professionally credible information on the health of children. To Your Health, Dr. Russell Libby, Comment Line: 1-571-749-1100 then 3,

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We will be advertising in national magazinesas well as Facebook and Twitter and To Your Health, Dr. Russell Libby, Comment Line: 1-571-749-1100 then 3,

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Leo Gerard Torrezao

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0099 Pediatric Cardiology.mpg00:24:500.748
0100 Influenza.mpg00:27:580.8710
0101 Lung Disease - Transplant.mpg00:27:440.859
0102 Swine Flu.mpg00:27:490.808
0103 Your Eyesight.mpg00:27:500.869
0104 Pediatric Geneticist Part I.mpg00:27:350.866
0105 Pediatric Geneticist Part II.mpg00:27:550.865
0106 Baby Baby Baby Issues00:26:570.767
0107 Nerological Diagnosis.mpg00:26:500.844
0108 The Eye00:27:320.807
0109 Maternal Fetal Medicine Part I.mpg00:26:330.787
0110 Maternal Fetal Medicine Part II.mpg00:26:130.777
0111 Allergies Part I.mpg00:30:100.879
0112 Allergies Part II.mpg00:29:550.878
0113 Ticks Part I.mpg00:26:510.7810
0114 Ticks Part II.mpg00:27:410.808
0115 Skin Disease Part I00:27:500.466
0116 Skin Diasese Part II00:27:460.466
0117 ADHD and Learning Issues.mpg00:27:160.458
0118 Concussion Pediatric.mpg00:26:430.445
0119 Pain Management.mpg00:26:550.4410
0120 Substance Abuse.mpg00:27:190.454

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