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Show Description:

Season opener is a short film called Three Summits.

In Three Summits, we follow a father and son as they struggle not only to scale three mountains, but also mend the broken bond between them.

This five week adventure is full of physical challenges, chilling dangers and emotional upheavals. With perseverance and naivete the father-son team set out on a majestic adventure to three of the highest mountains in Europe and North Africa.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Additional short free SD episodes are available here under the title "3 Minute Adventures." HD versions are available via (search 'dirttreks').

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Worldwide Waypoints, Inc.

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0001 3minAdventures K2 Views00:03:160.0818
0002 3minAdventures Naga Parbat00:03:150.0817
0003 3minAdventures Border00:03:150.0816
0004 3minAdventures Nubra Valley00:03:150.0815
0005 3minAdventures Digala Trek00:03:160.0813
0006 3minAdventures Lamayuru Monestary00:03:160.0810
0007 3minAdventures Road to Leh00:03:160.088
0008 3minAdventures Pashupatinath00:03:160.086
0009 3minAdventures Ganga Pilgrimage00:03:160.087
0010 3minAdventures Rara Trek00:03:160.087
0011 3minAdventures Shivapuri Ride00:03:160.087
0012 3minAdventures Langtang Ride00:03:160.087
0013 3minAdventuresLangtang Trek 3min00:03:160.087
0014 3minAdventures Langtang climb00:03:160.087
0015 3minAdventures Chamba Trek 100:03:160.087
0016 3minAdventuresChamba Trek 200:03:160.087
0017 3minAdventures Mekong00:03:160.086
0018 3minAdventures Temples of LP00:03:160.086
0019 3minAdventures Summit Faxipan00:03:160.086
0020 3minAdventures Strange Food00:03:160.086
0021 3minAdventures Lost in Hanoi00:03:160.085
0022 3minAdventures Cyclo00:03:160.085
0023 3minAdventures Good Morning00:03:160.086
0024 3minAdventures Kayaking00:03:160.087
0025 3minAdventures Riverboat00:03:160.086
0026 3minAdventures Angkor Wat00:03:160.084
0027 3minAdventures Dirtbike Part100:03:160.083
0028 3minAdventures Dirtbike Part200:03:160.083
0029 3minAdventures Dirtbike Part300:03:160.083
0030 3minAdventures Green Bike00:03:160.084
0031 3minAdventures Koh Tao00:03:160.084
0032 3minAdventures Malaysia00:03:160.083
0033 3minAdventures Summit Merapi200:03:160.083
0034 3minAdventures Summit Merapi100:03:160.083
0035 3minAdventures Tai Chi00:03:160.083
0036 3minAdventures Morocco00:03:160.083
0037 3minAdventures Sri Lanka 100:03:160.083
0038 3minAdventures Sri Lanka 200:03:160.083
0039 3minAdventures Sri Lanka 300:03:160.083
0040 3minAdventures Sri Lanka 400:03:160.083
0041 3minAdventures Everest Gokyo00:03:150.083
0042 3minAdventures Everest Kala Pattar00:03:150.083
0043 3minAdventures Everest Marathon00:03:150.083
0044 3minAdventures Midi P100:03:160.083
0045 3minAdventures Midi P200:03:160.073
0046 3minAdventures CG100:03:150.084
0047 3minAdventures CG200:03:150.084
0048 3minAdventures CG300:03:150.084
0049 3minAdventures CG400:03:150.084
0050 3minAdventures CG500:03:150.084
0051 3minAdventures CG600:03:150.084
0052 3minAdventures Nagaland00:03:150.083
0053 3minAdventures Chitwan00:03:150.083
0054 3minAdventures Tibet100:03:160.084
0055 3minAdventures Tibet200:03:160.084
0056 3minAdventures Tibet300:03:160.084
0057 3minAdventures Langtang00:03:150.084
0058 3minAdventures Safari 100:03:150.084
0059 3minAdventures Safari 200:03:150.084
0060 3minAdventures Niagara00:03:150.085
0061 3minAdventures Annapurna 100:03:150.084
0062 3minAdventures Annapurna 200:03:150.074
0063 3minAdventures Island Peak00:03:150.084
0064 3minAdventures Sikkim Part100:03:150.084
0065 3minAdventures Sikkim Part200:03:150.084
0066 3minAdventures Stok Kangri00:03:150.084
0067 3minAdventures Everest 100:03:150.087
0068 3minAdventures Everest 200:03:150.087
0069 3minAdventures Amarnath00:03:150.084
0070 3minAdventures Markha00:03:150.085
3 Summits Short Film v2.1 NTSC00:44:180.994
3 Summits Trailer NTSC00:01:100.020
3summits wo CG NTSC00:41:020.992

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