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Better Days Films is an eclectic assortment of films that are for nurturing a better world for everyone - people and nature.

Interviews of people with all sorts of nurturing perspectives. Nature - Salmon Back Home, trail walks, songs and stories of hiking in nature. Restoration of lands and waters. Stories for a better world. Draft horses planting organic corn. Farmers markets.

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Better Days Films is a weekly series. One hour episodes (58:00 max). Each episode is one or more films for an hour block. Most of the films are from Better World Films.
Some stations find this format useful. Here is a selection of some of the shows:

For films from the same producer, as Better Days and Better World Films, that focus on issues of Justice, righting wrongs, reparations for past harms from the perspective of nurturing a better world for everyone also see:

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Washington

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Better Days Films

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Day 22 Nurturing Organic Peace - Recent Episode00:57:590.9911
Day 01 - Water Heroes, What A Horse Sees, Rocky Anderson Acceptance Speech, Circle Of Life00:57:030.9930
Day 02 - Natural Energies, Ending Corruption, Leadership On Climate Change, Change For A Dollar00:57:190.9925
Day 03 - Water Is Life - It's Sacred, Ending Corruption, Return to Rule Of Law00:57:130.9924
Day 04 - Compassion & Brain Healing, Turn Around, Death by Medicine Part 100:57:570.9923
Day 05 - Death by Medicine Part 2, Ending Corporate Personhood00:57:560.9916
Day 0600:57:540.9915
Day 0700:57:590.9916
Day 0800:55:490.9913
Day 0900:57:580.9912
Day 1000:57:540.9912
Day 1100:57:070.9915
Day 1200:57:590.9911
Day 1300:57:070.9912
Day 1400:57:590.9912
Day 1500:57:590.999
Day 1600:57:510.999
Day 1700:57:210.9910
Day 1800:57:590.999
Day 1900:57:580.997
Day 2000:57:590.998
Day 2100:57:590.9910

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