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Episodes about exersize, yoga, healthy eating, weight traning and more

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: MEDIA CENTER

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0001 High Five Fitness00:27:050.64108
0002 High Five Fitness with Go Team Mo 00:28:280.6887
0003 HIGH FIVE FITNESS, Travel Workout00:28:280.9983
0004 High Five Fitness, Yoga for Core. 00:30:580.9969
0005 High Five Fitness, cross training00:28:550.9967
0006 High Five Fitness, the Glutes00:00:000.9959
0007 High Five Fitness, high energy workout w/ Dr. Sepulveda from Puerto Rico00:30:370.9954
0008 Hgh Five Fitness, Step up with Trainer Kelly Scott CPT00:28:460.5263
0009 High Five Fitness, High Five Fitness Episode 9, win the fat loss war! 00:28:220.9956
0010 High Five Fitness, weight lifting chanpionship with Dr. Sepulveda00:28:470.7947
0011 High Five Fitness, The Art of Posing, Bodybuilding and Bikini00:28:400.9341
0012 High_Five_Fitness, Cooking healthy Coconut brownies00:28:460.8046
0013 High_Five_Fitness, A Show For Runner's00:28:370.9348
0014 High_Five_Fitness, Lisa Rooney Interview, Everyone has a 6 Pac00:29:080.9035
0015 High Five Fitness NPC Bikini Contest and flying push-ups00:26:540.9728
0016-High Five Fitness- The Future of Fitness and Wearable Technology00:28:590.9436
0017 High Five Fitness --" The Youth Bootcamp"00:28:440.9440
0018 High Five Fitness-Total Body Bootcamp -Burn fat!00:28:460.9539
0019 High Five Fitness -zzz Sleep, why you need more sleep00:28:530.9534
0020 High Five Fitness - Mens Physique & Fitness00:29:380.9730
0021 High Five Fitness - Go Team Mo Part 200:28:170.9228
0022 HighFiveFitness- Paleo Vs Vegan Lifestyle plus chocolate00:29:010.9925
0025 HighFiveFitness- CrossFit Milpitas00:28:350.8123

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