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“Healthy Living” is a health interview show on a variety of topics from including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so forth.

The interviews are done at the Parkview Medical Center in Maine with medical experts. The production quality is good. The shows run approximately 30 minutes each. There are currently 12 shows. New shows are added on an irregular basis, but approximately one per month.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Healthy Living

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0001 Heart Disease.mpg00:30:050.49/N/A164/0
0002 Weight.mpg00:30:540.51/N/A145/0
0003 Depression.mpg00:30:230.50/N/A135/0
0004 Type 2 Diabetes.mpg00:29:540.49/N/A132/0
0005 Cancer Part 1.mpg00:29:550.49/N/A123/0
0006 Cancer Part 2.mpg00:29:590.91/N/A122/0
0007 Blood Pressure.mpg00:30:270.50/N/A135/0
0008 Nutrition.mpg00:29:270.70/N/A134/0
0009 Supplements.mpg00:29:200.70/N/A120/0
0010 Vitamin D.mpg00:29:280.70/N/A121/0
0011 Reversing Heart Disease.mpg00:28:170.86/N/A117/0
0012 Reversing Type 2 Diabetes.mpg00:29:320.90/N/A106/0
0013 Healthy Living Physical Activity.mpg00:29:340.71/N/A118/0
0014 Healthy Living Plants Healing Indoor Air Pollution.mpg00:29:470.71/N/A115/0
0015 Healthy Living Treating Diabetes with Lifestyle.mpg00:29:410.71/N/A122/0
0016 Healthy Living Epigenics.mpg00:29:540.71/N/A111/0
0017 Healthy Living Fit or Frail.mpg00:29:100.70/N/A122/0
0018 Healthy Living Personal Care Products.mpg00:29:560.72/N/A108/0
0019 Healthy Living Eating Organic Locally Grown Food.mpg00:29:240.89/N/A123/0
0020 Healthy Living Restaurant Menus.mpg00:29:370.71/N/A122/0
0021 Healthy Living Circulation.mpg00:29:190.70/N/A110/0
0022 Healthy Living How Your Thoughts Change Your Health.mpg00:29:490.71/N/A118/0
0023 Healthy Living A G E.mpg00:30:140.72/N/A93/0
0024 Healthy Living AGE Part 2.mpg00:30:140.71/N/A89/0
0025 Healthy Living Dementia.mpg00:28:160.67/N/A87/0
027 Healthy Living - How Thoughts Affect Health .mpg00:28:300.67/N/A92/0
LOCAL healthy living Hypertension Jan12.mpg00:28:450.68/N/A82/0

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