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"Sudzin Country" is country and bluegrass music interview shows with a song or two by the artist. There is also a country dance show taped at the Colorado Café in Watchung, N.J. Some of the shows teach a country dance in the show. (where labeled)

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Jersey

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Sudzin Country

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to Sudzin Country for covering this cost.

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Kinky Friedman, including performances00:27:570.0018
Sally Mountain Show (with performance)00:28:520.0013
Sudzin Country Dancin' at the Colorado Cafe 13600:29:010.0011
The Roys (bluegrass)00:27:590.0017
1770's Festival (Life back then)00:28:080.002
2nd Generation Band 2 with dance lesson00:28:190.006
3 Fingers Whiskey 2 country music and dance lesson00:28:040.008
99 years Bluegrass Band with dance lesson00:28:240.008
A.J.lee, Acoustic Blue with performance00:27:580.0012
Airplanes and Gliders pt 1 of 200:28:220.009
Airplanes and Gliders pt 2 of 200:29:030.009
Allaire Historic Village pt 1 of 200:28:320.006
Allaire Historic Village pt 2 of 200:28:300.006
Amy Gallatin, Louie Setzer with performance00:27:580.009
Ashley Lewis, Kids on Bluegrass, Bull Harman00:27:590.008
Asleep at the Wheel music and videos00:28:330.0014
Aubrey &Tony Holt, Tom Adams with performance00:27:590.009
Baillie and the Boys conversation and performance00:29:250.006
Bandit Band country music and dance lesson00:29:260.006
Battleship New Jersey PT 1 of 2 with country music videos00:28:320.0010
Battleship New Jersey PT 2 of 2 with country music videos00:27:380.007
Beausoleil (Cajun music)00:28:030.009
Bernie and the Flash country music and dance lesson00:28:590.001
Betty Dempsey country music and dance lesson00:27:410.002
Bicycle museum pt 1 of 200:28:340.0010
Bicycle museum pt 2 of 200:28:270.0010
Bill E. Penn country(rockabilly) music and dance lesson00:29:190.002
Bill Kirchen Interview and music00:27:520.005
Bill Turner country music & dance lesson00:29:250.005
Blackfoot country music band with dance lesson00:29:540.003
Blackhawk Videos00:28:200.007
Bobby Mackey country music and dance lesson00:29:210.004
Bradley Walker-Carl Jackson-Missy Raines(Bluegrass)00:28:000.003
Brian Dean Moore country music and dance lesson00:29:250.003
Buddy Woodward, the Circuit Riders, Audie Blaylock interview00:28:010.006
Burnside Plantation pt 1 of 200:28:320.001
Burnside Plantation pt 2 of 200:27:510.001
Cadillac Cowboys with dance lesson00:29:040.005
Carlene Carter Interview with Hit Videos00:27:590.0011
Carol Sharar country music and dance lesson (2 step)00:29:320.002
Charlie Daniels Music Videos00:27:540.0015
Chelsea Musick, Michael Patrick with performance00:27:560.003
Chris Cagle video show00:28:230.002
Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen interview, Carl Pagter interview00:27:540.008
Christmas at Peddlers Village00:28:050.0011
Christmas at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum00:27:530.0013
Christmas down on the Farm00:28:480.008
Christmas in Bethlehem ( Christkindlmarkt )00:28:020.005
Christmas in Bridgewater, NJ00:28:360.005
Classic Car show 2001-200:28:340.003
Cockman Family, Moore Bros., Darrell Webb with performance00:27:580.004
Colorado Cafe Dancin 7800:28:330.001
Colorado Cafe Dancin' #66 00:29:040.004
Colorado Cafe dancin' 11900:29:350.003
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 120 00:29:030.005
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 12200:28:340.002
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 12300:28:330.002
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 12500:29:000.002
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 127 00:28:450.002
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 13200:28:250.001
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 139 00:28:330.002
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 14300:28:330.003
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 14400:28:480.001
Colorado Cafe dancin' 14800:28:350.004
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 15300:28:270.002
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 164 00:28:240.002
Colorado Cafe dancin' 200:28:240.002
Colorado Cafe dancin' 4500:28:350.005
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 4800:28:540.000
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 5100:29:300.002
Colorado Cafe dancin' 6700:28:140.005
Colorado Cafe Dancin' 7200:28:550.001
Colorado Cafe dancin' show 1200:28:210.003
Colorado Cafe dancin' show 12100:28:500.005
Colorado Cafe Dancin' show 4400:28:250.000
Colorado Cafe dancin' show 46 00:28:320.002
Colorado Cafe Dancin' show 5700:28:510.001
Colorado Cafe Dancin' show 6500:28:190.002
Colt Ford Interview00:27:580.006
Commander Cody (with performance)00:28:050.009
Country Club Kickers (Kids dancing show)00:28:540.004
Country Sass country music with dance lesson00:28:430.001
Covered Bridges of Bucks County, PA00:28:250.006
Cowtown country music and dance lesson00:29:100.001
Crowe Brothers, Rusell Moore with performance00:27:590.003
Dappled Grays, Kate Lee with performance00:28:010.003
Della Mae, Kids on Bluegrass, Brand New Strings with performanc00:27:570.007
Diamondback 2 country music and dance lesson00:29:280.002
Diamondback country music and dance lesson00:30:070.006
Dickie Lee Erwin country music and dance lesson00:28:350.003
Doug Supernaw video show00:28:340.003
Downtown Ramblers, Jim and Valerie Gabehart with performance00:28:000.002
Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver (bluegrass)00:27:320.005
Eagle Creek country music with dance lesson00:29:170.004
Eddie Adcock & Bill Emerson (Country Gentleman-bluegrass)00:27:560.004
Ernie Sites western music and dance lesson00:28:160.002
Fan Fest 1 (Nashville Artist)00:27:560.003
Fan Fest 2 (Nashville Artist)00:27:570.003
Fitzmaurice Sisters, Mountain Heart interview00:27:590.004
Fleetweek in New York City00:27:570.004
Gibson Bros.-Seldom Scene bluegrass music00:28:030.003
Halloween party 4 at the Colorado Cafe00:28:030.005
Halloween party 1 at the Colorado Cafe00:28:320.005
Halloween party 2 at the Colorado Cafe 00:28:010.005
Halloween party 3 at the Colorado Cafe00:28:040.004
Helicopter Museum PT 1 of 200:28:360.008
Helicopter Museum PT 2 of 200:28:330.008
Howell Living History Farm (circa 1890-1910)00:28:350.005
Iron Acres Railroad show00:28:000.004
Jerry Douglas Dobro Player of Union Station interview & music00:28:010.0010
Jesse McReynolds (bluegrass)00:28:000.004
Jim Murphy talks and plays Hank Williams00:29:120.003
Jim Murphy-Up and Runnin (bluegrass music)00:27:440.002
Joe Diffie video show00:28:310.003
Joe Liptock and the Sage Band with dance lesson00:29:110.001
John Cowan / Tony Rice00:28:050.003
John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)00:27:590.007
Josh Gracin interview, with performances00:28:000.005
Julianne Sutton country music and dance lesson00:28:450.002
Junior Brown interview and performance00:28:000.006
Kathy Mattea, Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum with performance00:28:020.008
Katie Armiger with performance00:27:560.002
Kempton Trains Part 1 of 200:28:270.002
Kempton Trains Part 2 of 200:28:240.003
Kentucky Roots bluegrass music with dance lesson00:28:460.002
Kutztown, Pa Vintage Days00:28:330.002
Kyle Ramey, Darrin & Brooke Aldridge, Alecia Nugent interviews & performances00:27:590.004
Larry Stephenson, Sawmill Road, Ashley Lewis with performance00:28:000.004
Latigo Smith country music and dance lesson00:29:060.001
Lewis Family Bluegrass and gospel music00:28:010.003
Lila McCann video show00:28:340.002
Linda Davis video show00:29:160.003
Little Roy Lewis & Lizzie Long, Gold Wing Express, Raymond Fairchild00:28:010.006
Little Texas music and videos00:27:350.003
Lonestar video show00:28:010.002
Lord and Weber country music and dance lesson00:30:050.002
Loretta Hagen country music & dance lesson00:28:540.003
Mack Truck Museum00:28:330.006
Maple Syrup show00:28:340.009
Mark Allen Professional Trick Roper00:28:270.003
Mark Chestnut video show00:28:320.005
Mark Wills video show00:28:030.002
Martin Guitar factory tour00:27:570.006
Marty Stuart video show00:29:170.007
Merle Haggard Interview and performance00:28:500.008
Mike and Ike candy show00:27:230.002
Model Train show and country music00:28:000.005
Molasses Hill country music00:29:400.004
Moravian Pottery and Tile PT 1 of 200:28:330.003
Moravian Pottery and Tile PT 2 of 200:28:340.003
Native American Pow-Wow00:27:530.002
New York City Fleet Week 200900:28:040.006
Nitty Gritty Dirty Band video show00:29:500.009
NJ Aviation Hall of Fame and museum pt 1 of 200:27:490.003
NJ Aviation Hall of Fame and museum pt 2 of 200:27:470.003
Nora Jane Struthers interview with performance footage.00:27:590.003
Oak Ridge Boys music and videos00:28:500.009
Pam Fenelon country music and dance lesson00:28:520.003
Pam Tillis music and videos00:28:330.009
Patsy Christie country music and dance lesson00:29:420.003
Patty Loveless music and videos00:28:390.008
Peach Fish Pie country music & dance lesson00:29:310.003
Peanut Chews Candy tour00:28:000.001
Peeps (Easter candy)00:28:100.003
Pennsylvania Open Farm tour00:28:360.001
Peter Rowan, singer, songwriter,entertainer00:28:080.004
Phantom Canyon 1 country music and dance lesson00:29:020.002
Pine Mountain Railroad-Homegrown String Band (Bluegrass music)00:28:000.001
Polo match and country videos00:28:050.004
Quebe Sisters Band Interview and performance00:28:030.006
Ralph Stanley II, Dr. Ralph Stanley Interview00:27:590.009
Ralph Stanley interview and performs. 00:28:330.006
Ramapo Ramblers bluegrass with dance lesson00:30:110.002
Ray T 1 and the Triple T with dance lesson00:29:100.001
Ray T. and the Triple T country music and dance lesson00:28:570.003
Readington Museum of Hunterdon County, NJ pt 1 of 200:28:340.003
Readington Museum of Hunterdon County, NJ pt 2 of 200:28:360.002
Reba McEntire video show00:29:110.0011
Rebecca Bridges country music with dance lesson00:28:590.002
Rich Gulya country/bluegrass music00:28:530.004
Ricky Van Shelton video show00:29:570.008
Rodeo interviews , performance, and videos00:28:040.004
Rodney Dillard, Jubal's Kin interview with performance 00:27:560.004
Roland White, Matt Tessier with performance00:28:020.006
Ronnie Milsap interview and performance00:28:000.008
Ronnie Reno and Buddy Hogan with performance00:28:000.007
Roy Clark performs00:28:570.0010
Sage 3 country music and "2 step" dance lesson00:29:280.003
Sage Band country music with dance lesson00:30:150.003
Sandcastle building and country music00:27:490.004
Schulkyl Ramblers Cajun Music with Cajun dance lesson00:28:380.005
Shad Fish Festival00:28:300.001
Shotgun Red, Jeannie Seely and Jan Howard00:28:190.004
Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, and Burns & Poe00:27:590.0011
Smokey Warren country music00:28:470.001
Snowmobile Museum00:28:010.006
Sonya Isaacs - Mueller family ( bluegrass music)00:28:060.004
Sourdough Slim comedy and western music00:27:570.005
Southbound country music and dance lesson00:29:380.002
Southern Rail 2 bluegrass music and dance lesson00:29:040.004
Southern Rail bluegrass and dance lesson00:29:150.003
Statler Bros. music and videos00:27:500.0011
Steep Canyon Rangers, Farewell Drifters interview & performances00:28:010.0010
Steve Lutke, Earl Scruggs with performance00:27:580.0012
Suburban Cowboys country music with dance lesson00:29:400.003
Sudzin Country video show 24600:28:220.002
Sudzin Country video show 24700:28:230.002
Sudzin Country video show 25400:28:530.001
Sudzin Country video show 25500:28:520.003
Sudzin Country video show 25600:28:580.003
Sudzin Country Video show 28100:28:530.003
Sudzin Country video show 28300:28:520.001
Sudzin Country video show 28800:28:550.003
Sudzin Country video show 28900:28:540.003
Sudzin Country video show 32500:28:250.002
Sudzin Country video show 33300:28:430.002
Sudzin Country video show 33400:28:240.002
Sudzin Country video show28400:28:530.004
Susie Jones country music00:29:380.002
Tex Doyle country music and dance lesson00:29:120.001
The Cleverlys, Junior Sisk, Kids on Bluegrass00:27:590.008
Thomas Edison Museum00:27:430.009
Tom Hanway bluegrass music with dance lesson00:29:310.003
Tom Russell Band and dance lesson00:29:570.004
Tracy Lawrence country music video show00:28:310.006
Tri-Country Ramblers (bluegrass) and dance lesson00:29:000.005
Uncle Floyd country music and comedy00:28:540.007
Valerie Smith Larry Cordle Beartracks with performance00:27:550.009
Van Sant Historic Airport00:28:020.007
Walter and Carol country music and dance lesson00:29:280.003
Well Sweep Herb Farm00:28:160.009
Wheels country music and dance lesson00:30:160.004
Whippany Railroad Museum00:28:420.0010
White Lightnin' country music with dance lesson00:29:230.009
Whitey Murphy classic country music00:28:590.002
Willie Nelson music and videos 00:29:520.0018
Willowgrove Air Show and country music00:27:270.0016
Wynd 1 Band with dance lesson00:29:300.002
Wynd Band 2 country music and dance lesson00:29:170.005

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