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A palava hut, found in most West African countries, is a small hut made of thatch roof and waist high walls which has over the centuries served as a place where people engage in conversation about issues that surrounds their community. The PalavaHut Show operates with the same idea, but this time instead of going to the palava hut, the PalavaHut is coming to you. The PalavaHut is a new trend of talk show that allows viewers to be part of the discussions by getting your input prior and during the show about topics that will be discussed during the show.

We will be adding interactivity with the talk show by getting people to send in their questions prior and after the show via emails, Skype, PalavaHut, Twitter, Facebook and others.

The PalavaHut Show will inform, educate and entertain viewers on various facets of African culture. The PalavaHut Talk show will present messages that would enlighten and allow opportunity for a deeper appreciation of the African culture

Each week The PalavaHut Show brings you a unique look at African Culture through the eyes of our guest. Whether it is cooking or dating, The PalavaHut Show brings it all to the forefront for a hearty discussion.

We welcome your comments, questions, and ideas for shows and guests. You can email us Or join our community on PalavaHut or on Twitter @palavahut and on Facebook at

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: International

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: William S Roberts

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the PalavaHut Show - 001 - Interview with Joy Kingsley-Ibeh00:26:490.45/N/A3/0
the PalavaHut Show - 002 - Interview with Tonestar00:28:160.47/N/A2/0
the PalavaHut Show - 003 - Interview with Yvonne Orji00:28:330.47/N/A2/0
the PalavaHut Show - 004 - Interview with Koby Maxwell00:28:310.47/N/A2/0
the PalavaHut Show - 006 - Interview with Tolumide00:28:460.48/N/A2/0
the PalavaHut Show - 007 - Interview with ChefMarieJoe00:28:200.47/N/A1/0
the PalavaHut Show - 008 - Interview with Auntie Afrika00:28:340.47/N/A1/0

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