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Personal accounts tell the disturbing story of Hydro Quebec's Northern Pass(NP) project which wants the NH Public Utilities Commission(PUC) to condemn and seize 180 miles of NH property by eminent domain for a private, electrical transmission line cutting through NH to bring power to other states. Towers with blinking lights would be considerably taller than trees. Whether the project goes above or below ground, paths would be cut through homes, farms, businesses, and protected lands; and fenced-in access roads would strip property owners of both access to and use of their land.

Heart-felt pleas directed towards Public Service of NH(PSNH) power company's President, Gary Long; first-hand reports of trespass by land and air; poignant narratives from people victimized by NP; appeals to government officials; and a citizen's June 2nd, 2011 talk with Governor Lynch outside the Statehouse are just some of the highlights.

In the June 23rd piece,we visit NH State Representative and committee chairman, Al Baldasaro's at home in Londonderry, where he gives powerful testimony about how the PUC stole his land and dream. It is revealed how a February, 2011 meeting between a group of NH House of Representatives committee chairmen and the President of Hydro Quebec, Christian Brousseau, went sour. A citizen of Holderness who stands to lose his life savings if his land and home are impacted, vents his disgust directly at Gary Long at a Nashua Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

The July 7th show visits families and children who currently are being harassed by NP surveyors, helicopters, and public threats of eminent domain. Radio talk show host, Brian Tilton, explains and energizes the issues involved in stealing land from "the poorest of the poor." Charlie G. talks about his impromptu, June 2nd, 2011 conversation with The Governor.

July 11th's episode continues in the vein of exposing NP's indiscretions and prevarications with first-hand accounts of NP trespass by both land and air. The actors in NP commercials are identified and exposed as frauds, and we debunk claims that towers would have minimal impact.

July 20th's short visits Holderness residents, and showcases a pep talk by Grafton County Commissioner, Omer C. Ahern Jr. who stresses the need to support House Bill 648 limiting eminent domain use the PUC. A copy of a 1930, PSNH easement agreement shows only 100ft of ROW, blatantly exposing PSNH's lie about having sufficient, existing ROWs along their proposed route.

August 4th's episode features concerned State Representative Charles J. Brosseau and the people he represents. Meet the intended victims of NP's scheme to take land: a mom with three babies, retired persons living in a trailer park, a recently widowed grandmother, a veteran who advocates rebellion, and others who would lose all. Revealed are some tricks NP used to dupe landowners.

"No Northern Pass. No way. No way. Nope. Thank you." In this 6th episode, called August 20th, 2011, New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents stand firm against eminent domain takings by a private business venture for private profit. Meet some of the people who would lose their home/land/life-savings to this ill-conceived scheme to profit at the expense of NH's most vulnerable. Included is a disturbing tirade by PSNH's president, Gary Long, who brags that he likes the way transmission lines look. Does he like the way electric lines look as they force people from their homes? Above or below ground, these lines would require eminent domain takings from unwilling landowners. Be warned. Portions of this episode are not for the faint of heart.

September 4th's seven minute short is named "Candidates Speak for Property Rights." Hear Mitt Romney, Daniel Webster, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Martha Richards, Omer Ahern, Ray Burton, and Jeanie Forrester passionately weigh in on our constitutional rights privately to own land.

September 25th is about one minute. Listen to Northern Pass representative and PSNH president, Gary Long, give his opinion on power lines. No surprises here, folks. This brief piece has impact and is well worth the download time/effort.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Each piece in this ongoing and current series reveals new and key information about the Northern Pass Project's schemes and effects on NH citizens, land, and lives. Episodes are sure to both inform and inspire viewers interested in preserving NH as a beautiful place to live, work, visit, and treasure.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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Show Producer: Pembroke Community Media

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