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Toby and Nick bring you news from around the world, relating it back to the principles of freedom and liberty. Unlike the main stream media, the views on Free Minds TV do not fall in line with the current two party political system, but instead look for options that will challenge the viewer to think outside the box. Join Toby and Nick on a weekly basis for news commentary with a libertarian twist.

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

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0127 Free Minds TV September 18, 2009.mpg00:28:590.71/N/A0/0
0236 Free Minds TV January 6, 2011 [S7E01]00:28:500.57/N/A20/0
0237 Free Minds TV January 13. 2012 [S7E02]00:28:450.57/N/A23/0
0238 Free Minds TV January 27, 2012 [S7E03]00:28:550.57/N/A19/0
0239 Free Minds TV February 3, 2012 [S7E04]00:28:360.56/N/A19/0
0240 Free Minds TV February 10, 2012 [S7E05]00:28:530.57/N/A18/0
0241 Free Minds TV February 17, 2012 [S7E06]00:28:460.57/N/A18/0
0242 Free Minds TV February 24, 2011 [S7E07]00:28:450.57/N/A17/0
0243 Free Minds TV March 2, 2012 [S7E08]00:28:420.56/N/A20/0
0244 Free Minds TV March 9, 2012 [S7E09]00:28:380.56/N/A21/0
0245 Free Minds TV March 16, 2012 [S7E10]00:29:060.57/N/A19/0
0246 Free Minds TV March 23, 2012 [S7E11]00:28:300.56/N/A20/0
0247 Free Minds TV March 30, 2012 [S7E12]00:28:510.57/N/A19/0
0248 Free Minds TV April 6, 2012 [S7E13]00:29:000.57/N/A18/0
0249 Free Minds TV April 13, 2012 [S7E14]00:29:020.57/N/A13/0
0250 Free Minds TV April 20, 2012 [S7E15] LAST EPISODE00:28:520.57/N/A18/0
Free Minds TV December 30, 2011 Ron Paul Special00:28:570.68/N/A18/0
Free Minds TV September 9, 2011 Garry Johnson Special00:28:590.67/N/A19/0

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