Detail For Show: BostonNorthTV MassAccess

Show Description: started by covering people, families and organizations shaping our lives in Boston and the North Shore. But now is a platform for distributing shows of interest to Massachusetts and perhaps the country.

Our goal is to provide a forum for local and national topics from the arts to business and politics as they are related to the Boston and great Massachusetts area. We find that there many people and topics that need more access to getting their messages out and bring new and interesting perspective to our region.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

If you down load a show please let us know when it will be played or was played or how many times. Downloads are paid by us but we expect these show will be played if downloaded.

Please contact us with any questions.
Producer: Ken Kinna - 617-699-9023
Producer: Lou Markakis - 781-558-8518

Type of Show: Specials

Target Viewing Market: East Coast (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: B Roll Films, Inc.

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to B Roll Films, Inc. for covering this cost.