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Show Description:

Studio Session Live is singer songwriters in concerts. Guests range from established artists you may already know to emerging artists that you may want to follow. Genres include Folk, Folk rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Appalachian, Celtic.

Studio Session Live is recorded as a 65 minute concert in the studio live to disk, and edited to 58 minutes for access station format. Content is original music performed by singer songwriters., and releases are on file. Shows are in stereo.

NOTE: The r suffix means that this show was re-released from an earlier date

check out some video clips :
keywords: music, folk, songwriters, stereo

Notes to Stations About This Show:

We suggest you start with ssl 1401 Sampler, which includes one performance from many of this seasons guest artists. It is a very good way to sample the series, and they are all good clips.
You can't go wrong with it.

Programs are 58:00 long,
with no leader and one second black at the end.

Sound is digitally recorded and remixed in stereo.
Peak levels are lightly compressed and limited to -2db full scale.

Studio Session Live is suitable for mixed audiences, and all copyright releases are on file.

From our release-
TPAV means the producers and the venues which show these programs.
The TPAV recording, editing, reproduction, and exhibition of my name, likeness, words, and actions for broadcast, cablecast, or other methods of distribution of this show shall be by the TPAV, in their sole and absolute discretion, and I agree that such recording, reproduction and exhibition does not create in me any legal, equitable, intellectual property, including copyright, or any other rights whatsoever to such video tapes and live television program derived from the show. In consideration of my appearance in the show, and the publicity and benefits I derive therefrom, I release and hold harmless TPAV, their successors and assigns from any liabilities, obligations, and claims which may arise out of the show. I acknowledge and agree that I give up all legal, equitable, intellectual property, including copyright, or any other rights whatsoever concerning TPAV’s recording, reproduction, and exhibition of my name, likeness, words, and actions for broadcast, cablecast, internet cast, or any other methods of distribution of the show.


Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Studio Session Live

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ssl 1401 Sampler00:58:000.99/N/A21/0
ssl 1402 Andy And Judy00:58:010.99/N/A25/0
ssl 1403 Hayley Sabella00:58:010.99/N/A25/0
ssl 1404 Andrew Lewis00:58:010.99/N/A21/0
ssl 1405 Les Sampou00:57:590.99/N/A19/0
ssl 1406 Mel Green00:58:000.99/N/A22/0
ssl 1407 Susan Lee00:58:000.99/N/A18/0
ssl 1408 Marianne Pasts00:58:000.99/N/A17/0
ssl 1409 Jim Palana00:58:000.99/N/A14/0
ssl 1410 Four Bridges00:58:000.99/N/A22/0
ssl 1411 Susan Levine00:58:000.99/N/A16/0
ssl 1412r Marjorie Thompson Revisited00:58:040.99/N/A13/0
ssl 1413 Stefilias Stone00:58:000.99/N/A14/0
ssl 1415r Richard Berman00:58:000.99/N/A15/0
ssl 1501 Dan Chauvin00:58:000.99/N/A14/0
ssl 1502 Bill Liscomb00:58:000.99/N/A13/0
ssl 1503 Andy and Judy00:58:000.99/N/A10/0
ssl 1504 Craig Sonnenfeld00:58:000.99/N/A12/0
ssl 1505 Debra Cowan and John Roberts- English tradiitional folk music00:58:000.99/N/A13/0
ssl 1506 Dan Cloutier00:58:000.99/N/A13/0
ssl 1507 Mark Mandeville Raianne Richards00:58:000.99/N/A12/0
ssl 1508 Two Cat Folk00:58:000.99/N/A11/0
ssl 1509 Jennifer Stratton00:58:000.99/N/A9/0
ssl 1510 Jim Palana00:58:000.99/N/A9/0
ssl 1511 Ci Ci Eberle00:58:000.99/N/A11/0
ssl 1512 Ashley Jordan00:58:000.99/N/A11/0
ssl 1513 Marc and Perry00:58:000.99/N/A10/0
ssl 1515 Tom Hanlon00:58:000.99/N/A7/0
ssl 1516 john MacLean00:57:590.99/N/A7/0
ssl 1517 Katrin Roush00:58:000.99/N/A10/0
ssl 1518 Hungrytown00:57:590.99/N/A9/0
ssl 1519 James Lee Stanley00:58:000.99/N/A7/0

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