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Law Talk covers current issues which have legal aspects that are of interest to the general public.

We explain the legal complexities in plain terms in an effort to shine light on confusing legal situations and how they directly apply to individuals.

I, Mark Malachowski and my co-producer/co-host James Barrett are practicing
attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area. We explore and explain the legal details behind major national issues that affect all Americans.

Past topics include:

Obama's health initiative, Indian casino law, TSA passenger searches, and effects of the BP oil spill on fishing businesses. Live phone interviews with other experts, in-studio guests, and our own extensive knowledge of the law give viewers an in-depth look at national issues from angles not usually covered by the commercial media.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Mark Malachowski

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0001 Law Talk; Gulf Spill, Bart Shooting - July 12, 201000:28:260.454
0002 Law Talk: Personal Injury Law- July 14, 201000:37:510.563
0003 Law Talk: Gulf Oil Spill, Constitutional Corner, AZ Immigration - August 16, 201000:24:050.363
0004 Law Talk: Arizona Law & Health Care - September 24, 201000:23:580.354
0005 Law Talk - Home Foreclosure w guest October 27, 201000:15:240.234
0006 Law Talk: Native American Law and Casinos - November 24, 2010 w call-in guest00:18:250.274
0007 Law Talk - TSA and International Law, Burqa ban December 22, 201000:17:000.252
0008 Law Talk - Bank Foreclosures, Billy the Kid pardon January 12, 201100:28:290.334
0009 Law Talk: Applesauce Assault & Other Current Cases w/call in - February 9, 201100:28:300.255
0011 Law Talk: Ecuador Oil, 1st Amendment & Union Issues - March 9, 2011 00:28:390.911
0012 Law Talk: Gas Prices, Global Warming & Barry Bonds - May 11, 201100:28:280.913
0013 Law Talk: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Voter ID & NLRB - June 8, 201100:28:370.911
0014 Law Talk: China Intellectual Property, Light Bulbs & Blago - July 13, 201100:28:450.921
0015 Law Talk: 4th Amendment, Federal Law & Utopia - August 10, 201100:28:420.931
0016 Law Talk; 4th Amendment, Dominique Straus-Kahn & AT&T TMobile Deal - September 14, 201100:28:360.911
0017 Law Talk: Solyndra Goes BK & Execs Take the 5th - October 12, 201100:28:370.912
0018 Law Talk: Corzine's MF Global, Money Laundering & PFI's - November 9, 201100:28:440.921
0019 Law Talk: Ted Stevens, Obama Care, Supreme Court & Solyndra & Secretary Chu- December 14, 201100:28:420.921
0020 Law Talk - Occupy Law Talk, 1st Amendment Rights - January 201200:28:360.902
0021 Law Talk - Mortgage Equality, Affordable Care Act, & Right to Work February 201200:28:350.663
0022 Law Talk - Gas Prices, & Key Stone Pipeline March 201200:28:360.913
0023 Law Talk - Sen. Stevens, Obama vs Supreme Ct, & Jon Corzine April 201200:28:370.912
0024 Law Talk - Whistling at Whales, Immagration, & Fracking May 201200:28:340.902
0025 Law Talk - Facebook IPO, NCRB Appointment, DUI Entrapment June 201200:28:260.913
0026 Law Talk - Ron Paul GOP Delegate Fight, AG Holder Claims Executive Privilege, & SCOTUS Rules on Obama Care July 11, 201100:28:330.921
0028 Law Talk - Gibson Guitar vs Feds - Scalia Thows Book at SOCTUS - Mitt Romney Accused of Felony SEC Aug 8 201200:28:440.913
0029 LawTalk- WikiLeaks-VoterID-Medicare-Soc Sec00:28:350.903
0030LawTalk-Tax Cliff-Dodd Frank- Romneys47%00:28:350.901
0031Lawtalk- Laws and Reg Changes 2013-Fisher vs Texas I, and Baghazi Attack00:28:490.932
0032LawTalk- Hostess BK,Tax Cliff, Facebook Settlement00:28:470.933
0033LawTalk-Fiscal Cliff Avoided, Gun Control Backfires, NLRB Appointment00:29:200.993
0035 LawTalk-Sequestration, illegal immigrant detainees released, Cell Phone Subsidies00:29:030.993
0036 LawTalk-Cyprus Banking Meltdown, Boomberg Donation for Anti-Gun TV campaign, Air Traffic Controller Cutbacks00:28:500.932
0037 LawTalk-Gun Control Mis fires in Senate, Boston Bomber Rights, DUI Blood Test Ruling (SCOTUS)00:28:440.941
0038 lawtalk- IRS Audits Tea Party, First Ammendment Issues AG Holder (Rosen warrant), Benghazi Who Cares?00:28:500.931
0039 LawTalk-Erin Brockovich DUI Arrest at Lake /mead, Lerner Pleads the 5th, Estate b& Gift Tax 5.25 Million 00:28:300.920
0040 Lawtalk-Phony Scandals, NSA & Snowden, Adrian Moncrieffe00:28:240.522
0041 LawTalk- Lamar Odom DUI, Frackling goes to Court - NYC00:28:540.953
0042 LawTalk-DOJ v North Carolina, NOP sues IRS, Obamacare Waivers00:28:490.942
0043 Law Talk-Obamacare Rollout, NSA Spying, Stop & Frisk DUI Check Points00:28:450.943
0044 LawTalk-Obamacare Costs,NY -Mayor Jenkins DUI Arrest, Charitable Remainder Trust00:29:070.954
0045-lawtalk-Justin Bieber DUI, IRS Bans Tea Party Tactics, Welfare Checks-Warrantless Entry00:28:520.954
0046 Lawtalk-Lois Lerner, Denesh D'Souza, THC-DUI00:28:540.954
0047 lawTalk4-Kerry Kenney DUI, Senator Harry Reid Campaign Funds, to be Returned, DST in 1031 Exchange -Deleware00:29:030.993
0048 Lawtalk-Bengahzi Coverup, Police Stop & Search on Anonymous 911 tip, Warrant to search cell phone data00:28:520.944
0056 LawTalk Trump Tax Cuts_Declare the Pennies on Your Eyes_3 Swiss Vote Down Centralized Death Taxes00:28:480.751
049-LawTalk-Obama VA Scandal, Weyker False DUI Arrest, EB-500:28:420.992
050-LawTalk-Obama's-"Holders Hit Team", EmailGate, Spec. Needs Trust00:29:250.933
051 LawTalk-Global Warming with Guest Elton Sherwin00:29:230.965
052 Law Talk- Obama Articles, ISIS and Abola, Alcoholic Beverage Control Decoys00:28:440.944
law talk for pegmedia00:28:430.551
law talk may 201500:28:330.550
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