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Called “timeless” by Jack McNerny, Executive Director of SHO-P.E.G public access in Cobleskill, NY, The Reading Lady® series contains lively and colorful props, backdrops, and learning aids, including Ed the Gorilla and his counterpart, Ted the Polar Bear, both lovers of reading; scores of their animal friends; and many other fun and engaging tools. Filmed in a warm, comfortable setting, the series features certified reading teacher Mrs. Houghton as The Reading Lady. She guides children and other interested viewers through illustrated children’s books, reading lessons, storytelling, and fun learning experiences, letting everyone know that reading and learning can actually be fun!

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Mrs. Houghton, a certified reading teacher for 15 years and an educator for 20 years, believes that reading and learning should be enjoyable and rewarding experiences, and she utilizes this approach in the series. To date, the introduction to the series, as well as episodes 1 through 34, are airing on 102 public access stations in 27 states, being made available to over 2.8 million households via cable.

NOTE TO DOWNLOADING STATIONS: Episodes 1 through 10 were our "learning episodes." That is, some of them were of irregular length and had less than optimal sound. To get a good sense of the way the series is now, you might want to start by downloading any of episodes 11 through 19.

Please feel free to use pictures and info from The Reading Lady Website,, for promo purposes at your stations, on your websites, etc. You can contact bananaEd Productions, LLC at any time to share comments, suggestions, requests, or anything about the show:

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: bananaEd Productions, LLC

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0001 Reading Lady Magical Alphabet.mpg00:17:140.5065
0002 Reading Lady Sooty Wooty is a Cat.mpg00:09:440.3053
0003 Reading Lady Good Night Knight.mpg00:21:100.6649
0004 Reading Lady The Fussy Princess.mpg00:18:090.5740
0005 Reading Lady Traditions.mpg00:26:330.8339
0006 Reading Lady Christmas Joy.mpg00:25:410.7931
0007 Reading Lady Vowels on Vacation.mpg00:26:360.8336
0008 Reading Lady Ben Franklin's Questions.mpg00:28:000.8839
0009 Reading Lady Prince and the Apple Tree.mpg00:27:540.8735
0010 Reading Lady Captain Dan and Sailor Sam.mpg00:28:360.9034
0011 Reading Lady Zoophabet.mpg00:27:180.8656
0012 Reading Lady From the Heart.mpg00:29:340.9346
0013 Reading Lady Always From the Heart.mpg00:26:310.8344
0014 Reading Lady Jenny Benny Belly Bean.mpg00:27:370.8542
0015 Reading Lady Einstein the Emu.mpg00:31:080.9542
0016 Reading Lady Shimmy Shimmy.mpg00:28:570.8939
0017 Reading Lady Christmas Traditions.mpg00:25:260.7834
0018 Reading Lady Grandpas Farm.mpg00:28:590.8937
0019 Reading Lady Smartmoovz Fruits Volume 1.mpg00:27:300.8431
0020 The Reading Lady Move Me Move Me 1-2-3.mpg00:23:400.5519
0021 The Reading Lady Return of the Magical Alphabet.mpg00:26:440.6319
0022 The Reading Lady Christmas Spirit.mpg00:29:410.7019
0023 The Reading Lady The Shell-Shocked Turtle.mpg00:28:450.6721
0024 The Reading Lady There's a Crocodile in Our Pickle Jar.mpg00:29:020.6821
0025 The Reading Lady The Jiggly Wiggly Jellyfish Jam.mpg00:27:330.6417
0026 The Reading Lady What's Up With Poppo.mpg00:29:480.7014
0027 The Reading Lady Poppo's Half-Birthday Wish.mpg00:29:520.7015
0028 The Reading Lady Cowboy Phil at the County Fair.mpg00:29:160.6915
0029 The Reading Lady Little Ty Cooney and the Big Yosemite Race.mpg00:29:100.6813
0030 The Reading Lady Poppo's Very Best Trick.mpg00:26:410.6313
0031 The Reading Lady Little Ty Cooney and the Big Yellowstone Mystery.mpg00:58:440.9912
0032 The Reading Lady Christmas With the Reading Lady.mpg00:29:130.6814
0033 The Reading Lady Bubbles For Poppo.mpg00:26:530.6912
0034 The Reading Lady Eds Day.mpg00:28:190.7210
Christmas Celebrations00:26:150.6711
I Am Thankful For...00:26:450.6811

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