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Show Description:

"We're living proof that failure is our friend."

Nightmare Fuel is the best bad television show infecting Seattle's cable networks. Public Access might suck, but we make it suck a little bit less!

Each week we search the world for videos that will surprise, annoy, and disturb you. You will see things that make you laugh, sometimes things that make you think, and lots of things you'll wish you could unwatch. Regardless of what fills the show on a given week, one thing is certain: when you are done watching, you will wish you could have the last 28 minutes of your life back.

If you have a clip you'd like to submit for possible use in the show, please join the Nightmare Fuel Facebook Group at

Notes to Stations About This Show:

This definitely contains some weird and/or disturbing stuff that you can't ever unsee... adult oriented stuff. So keep that in mind when scheduling. In other words you should definitely schedule this during Youth Hour if you have one (but only if you want to get yelled at).

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Washington

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: SCAN TV

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Nightmare Fuel - S01E02 - Elmo You Didnt00:28:160.15/N/A20/0
Nightmare Fuel - S01E03 - A Fistfull of Clay.mpg00:27:490.40/N/A16/0
Nightmare Fuel - S01E04 - Gone To The Dogs00:28:020.47/N/A14/0
Nightmare Fuel - S01E05 - Going Full Gonzo.mpg00:27:370.42/N/A9/0
Nightmare Fuel - S01E06 - I <3 Japan00:27:580.54/N/A8/0
Nightmare Fuel - S01E10 - The Trainwreck Abortion Spectacular Conclusion.mpg00:28:060.54/N/A7/0
Nightmare Fuel - S01E11 - Season 1 Worst Nightmares.mpg00:27:230.53/N/A7/0
Nightmare Fuel - S02E01 - WTF is a mud procedure?00:28:060.53/N/A7/0
Nightmare Fuel - S02E02 - Not Without My Mannequin00:27:530.53/N/A5/0
Nightmare Fuel - S02E03 - The Return of the Horse Head00:27:590.73/N/A5/0
Nightmare Fuel - S02E04 - Rise of the Pigturquaducken00:27:450.53/N/A4/0
Nightmare Fuel S01E07 - Tonettapocalypse00:27:150.51/N/A6/0
Nightmare Fuel S01E08 - The Elusive Albino Mexican00:27:470.53/N/A8/0
Nightmare Fuel S01E09 - McCoys After School Special Nightmare00:27:480.52/N/A8/0

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