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Saturday Fright Special is New Hampshire's first Horror-Host Television Show. Join host Scarewolf (a well-dressed werewolf with a good sense of rhythm), and the rest of the SFS gang each week for a trip back in time with public domain monster movies, intermission reels, commercials and all kinds of other nostalgia from bygone days.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL is hosted by Scarewolf, along with additional characters Santoro The Honduran Grappler (masked wrestler with a strong sense of propriety), Tae Kwon Dunk (impish basketball-headed martial artists who also hosts occasional SATURDAY FIGHT SPECIAL shows) and Morbia Poppatopoulous (the Deadly Domestic Diva), occasional comedy sketches inspired by the public domain film at hand, as well as old trailers, vintage PSAs, commercials and cartoons, educational short films, concession and intermission reels.

Our intent is to bring back a little feeling of what it was like watching local TV stations in the 60s-80s. Keeping that in mind, we take care to try to ensure that most of our programs are suitable for general audiences. If a film goes any farther than what would be allowed on TV in the early 80s, we sanitize it to keep with the overall feel of watching a film on TV at that time. Occasionally we'll air a film uncut or have randier content in the breaks, and will run a humorous disclaimer at the beginning of the show, and also notify stations that the episode in question may not be "family friendly".

Each episode features one or more prize giveaways, based either on trivia questions or random drawings. While most of the weekly DVD or T-shirt giveaways are "while supplies last", giving the advantage to viewers seeing the shows in their first two weeks of broadcast, we also run additional longer-term giveaways for event tickets and other prizes with longer entry windows, allowing for viewers outside our immediate broadcast area to enter and share in the fun. Past prizes of this type have included passes to Fright Kingdom in Nashua NH, the Rock and Shock horror convention in Worcester MA, and tickets to the SFS-produced Colonial Spooktacular film screening in Keene NH.

New SFS episodes premiere every other Saturday at 10PM on Cheshire TV in Keene, NH. We have 90 completed two-hour (or less) programs, which in time will all be uploaded to this site.

Here's a link to view two full episodes of SFS, as well as some of our shorter spoofs:

For more information, please visit

** Please drop us a line at if you plan on adding us to your schedule, so we can add day/time/channel info to our website. **

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Hampshire

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Saturday Fright Special

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SFS Twas Promo.mpg00:03:390.0917
SFS001 Shriek of the Mutilated.mpg01:58:280.99114
SFS003 The Bat.mpg01:55:410.9979
SFS004 Children Shouldnt Play With Dead Things.mpg01:59:500.9994
SFS005 The Vampire Happening.mpg01:55:530.9979
SFS006 Nightmare Castle.mpg01:50:540.9984
SFS007 Gammera The Invincible.mpg01:59:280.9970
SFS008 Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride.mpg01:59:470.9979
SFS009 The Sadist.mpg01:57:280.9954
SFS010 Horror of the Zombies.mpg01:58:370.9975
SFS011 The Vampires Night Orgy.mpg01:58:480.9950
SFS012 Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Xmas Show Clean.mpg01:46:230.9961
SFS012 Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Xmas Show Uncut.mpg01:58:210.9935
SFS013 Monster From A Prehistoric Planet.mpg01:58:010.9970
SFS015 Messiah of Evil.mpg01:58:070.9955
SFS016 Little Shop of Horrors Valentines Day Show.mpg01:59:410.9946
SFS017 The Last Man on Earth.mpg01:59:460.9966
SFS018 The Werewolf of Washington.mpg01:58:430.9958
SFS019 The Street Fighter Saturday Fight Special.mpg01:56:010.9952
SFS020 Spider Baby.mpg01:55:100.9960
SFS021 House By The Cemetery.mpg01:59:480.9958
SFS022 Horror Express.mpg01:59:160.9947
SFS023 The House On Haunted Hill.mpg01:58:220.9967
SFS024 The Killer Shrews.mpg01:58:430.9945
SFS025 The Werewolf Vs The Vampire Woman.mpg01:58:410.9953
SFS026 A Bucket of Blood.mpg01:58:200.9951
SFS027 I Eat Your Skin.mpg01:56:540.9947
SFS028 Gamera Vs Gaos.mpg01:57:540.9942
SFS029 The Bloody Pit of Horror.mpg01:58:580.9941
SFS030 Carnival of Souls.mpg01:57:360.9944
SFS031 Sisters of Death.mpg01:59:140.9939
SFS032 Dementia 13.mpg01:57:460.9940
SFS033 They Came From Beyond Space.mpg01:55:360.9946
SFS034 Beyond The Living Dead.mpg01:58:520.9945
SFS035 Silent Night Bloody Night - Christmas Show #2.mpg01:58:470.9944
SFS036 Atom Age Vampire.mpg01:57:470.9941
SFS037 The Black 6 Saturday FIGHT Special #2.mpg01:57:580.9932
SFS038 Horrors of Spider Island.mpg01:59:140.9937
SFS040 Snowbeast.mpg01:58:530.9938
SFS041 Terror Creatures From The Grave.mpg01:58:400.9934
SFS042 Dont Look In The Basement.mpg01:58:430.9941
SFS043 The Giant Gila Monster.mpg01:54:110.9933
SFS044 Fangs of the Living Dead.mpg01:56:020.9932
SFS045 The Blancheville Monster.mpg01:59:240.9936
SFS046 Warning From Space.mpg01:59:000.9935
SFS047 Dead Eyes of London.mpg01:59:250.9935
SFS048 Gamera vs Monster X.mpg01:54:320.9936
SFS049 I Bury The Living.mpg01:59:240.9927
SFS050 Dr Bloods Coffin.mpg01:59:530.9931
SFS051 Tormented.mpg01:59:010.9931
SFS052 The She Beast.mpg01:58:560.9931
SFS053 Creature From The Haunted Sea.mpg01:56:150.9931
SFS054 The Devils Hand.mpg01:58:110.9929
SFS055 Werewolf In A Girls Dormitory.mpg01:59:240.9931
SFS056 The Screaming Skull.mpg01:56:260.9939
SFS057 The Wasp Woman.mpg01:57:510.9935
SFS058 Wild Guitar Xmas Show.mpg01:59:210.9942
SFS059 Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon Saturday Fight Special.mpg01:59:240.9948
SFS060 Beast From Haunted Cave.mpg01:58:160.9950
SFS061 Attack of the Giant Leeches.mpg01:57:140.9949
SFS062 The Undertaker And His Pals.mpg01:56:300.9945
SFS063 The Brain That Wouldnt Die.mpg01:59:320.9945
SFS064 Destroy All Planets.mpg01:59:030.9952
SFS065 Yeti The Giant of the 20th Century.mpg01:59:220.9954
SFS066 The Terror.mpg01:56:340.9944
SFS067 Eegah.mpg01:59:220.9942
SFS068 The Fury of the Wolfman.mpg01:58:150.9949
SFS069 The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues.mpg01:58:450.9950
SFS070 Daughter of Horror.mpg01:54:540.9951
SFS071 Killers From Space.mpg01:56:210.9948
SFS072 The Ghost.mpg01:59:440.9948
SFS073 Mesa of Lost Women.mpg01:58:330.9942
SFS074 Blood Tide.mpg01:58:520.9944
SFS075 The Amazing Transparent Man.mpg01:54:090.9947
SFS076 Monstrosity.mpg01:54:480.9950
SFS077 Bride of the Gorilla.mpg01:54:300.9934
SFS078 Return of the Streetfighter.mpg01:58:040.9920
SFS079 The Terror of Tiny Town.mpg01:59:000.9927
SFS080 The Last Woman On Earth.mpg01:55:590.9933
SFS081 Horror Hotel.mpg01:57:510.9933
SFS081 Promo00:00:560.0215
SFS082 Promo.mpg00:00:500.0212
SFS083 She Gods of Shark Reef.mpg01:59:360.9930
SFS084 Promo.mpg00:00:430.0114
SFS084 Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet.mpg01:59:360.9933
SFS085 Moon Of The Wolf.mpg01:53:270.9925
SFS085 Synd Promo.mpg00:00:260.0112
SFS086 The Devil Bat Promo.mpg00:00:390.0113
SFS086 The Devil Bat.mpg01:58:170.9927
SFS087 - The Choppers.mpg01:53:090.9929
SFS087 Promo.mpg00:01:030.029
SFS088 Grave of the Vampire.mpg01:58:420.9930
SFS088 Promo.mpg00:00:580.0210
SFS089 Frankensteins Daughter.mpg01:58:400.9925
SFS090 Promo.mpg00:00:580.0210
SFS090 The Indestructible Man.mpg01:56:540.9928
SFS091 Promo.mpg00:00:450.0110
SFS091 The Invisible Ghost.mpg01:54:000.9929
SFS092 Promo.mpg00:00:540.0211
SFS092 Wild Women of Wongo.mpg01:55:490.9928
SFS093 The Thirsty Dead.mpg01:59:290.9926
SFS094 Promo.mpg00:00:280.0110
SFS094 The Mad Monster.mpg01:57:370.9921
SFS095 The Snow Creature Promo.mpg00:00:410.0115
SFS095 The Snow Creature.mpg01:59:090.9925
SFS096 King of the Zombies.mpg01:57:110.9925
SFS096 Promo King of the Zombies.mpg00:00:460.0115
SFS097 Promo The Vampire Bat.mpg00:00:510.0213
SFS097 The Vampire Bat.mpg01:59:280.9921
SFS098 First Spaceship On Venus.mpg01:57:500.9921
SFS098 Promo First Spaceship On Venus.mpg00:00:550.0211
SFS099 The Ape Promo.mpg00:00:380.0113
SFS099 The Ape.mpg01:55:180.9921
SFS100 Maniac Promo.mpg00:00:450.0112
SFS100 Maniac.mpg01:57:530.9918
SFS101 - Jesse James Frank Daughter.mpg01:59:180.9924
SFS101 Jesse Meets Franks Daughter Promo.mpg00:00:480.0111
SFS102 Phantom Planet.mpg01:56:160.9932
SFS102 The Phantom Planet Promo.mpg00:00:360.0110
SFS103 The Corpse Vanishes Promo.mpg00:01:020.029
SFS103 The Corpse Vanishes.mpg01:58:510.9929
SFS104 Teenage Zombies Promo.mpg00:00:420.0110
SFS104 Teenage Zombies.mpg01:56:390.9934
SFS105 Promo The Manster.mpg00:01:340.0310
SFS105 The Manster.mpg01:58:060.9924
SFS106 Promo The Galaxy Invader.mpg00:01:040.028
SFS106 The Galaxy Invader.mpg01:58:040.9922
SFS107 Dead Men Walk.mpg01:53:460.9922
SFS107 Promo Dead Men Walk.mpg00:00:410.0110
SFS108 Bloodlust01:57:410.9921
SFS108 Promo Bloodlust00:00:350.019
SFS109 Promo The Snake People00:00:390.019
SFS109 The Snake People01:59:050.9924
SFS110 Promo The Devils Partner00:01:260.038
SFS110 The Devils Partner01:55:430.9920
SFS111 Promo The Amazing Mr X00:00:420.018
SFS111 The Amazing Mr X01:59:040.9923
SFS112 Battle Beyond The Sun01:57:350.9926
SFS112 Promo Battle Beyond The Sun00:00:360.019
SFS113 Night Fright01:57:050.9921
SFS113 Promo Night Fright00:00:280.0112
SFS114 Promo The Sound of Horror00:00:430.0111
SFS114 The Sound of Horror01:57:480.9923
SFS115 Phantom From Space01:56:050.9925
SFS115 Promo Phantom From Space00:00:510.018
SFS116 Lady Frankenstein01:58:560.9924
SFS116 Lady Frankenstein Promo00:01:470.049
SFS117 The Devils Messenger Promo00:01:270.037
SFS117-The Devils Messenger01:59:020.9922
SFS118 Promo Rattlers00:00:510.0211
SFS118 Rattlers01:57:450.9927
SFS119 Promo The Ape Man00:00:580.028
SFS119 The Ape Man01:59:410.9923
SFS120 How Awful About Allan01:54:440.9926
SFS120 Promo How Awful About Allan00:00:490.028
SFS121 All The Kind Strangers01:55:580.9925
SFS121 Promo All The Kind Strangers00:01:040.0210
SFS122 Promo The Tell Tale Heart00:00:370.0111
SFS123 Legacy of Blood01:59:110.9924
SFS123 Promo Legacy of Blood00:01:080.037
SFS124 Promo The Legend of Bigfoot00:00:520.0211
SFS124 The Legend of Bigfoot01:59:140.9926
SFS125 Prisoners of the Lost Universe01:57:440.9927
SFS125 Promo Prisoners of the Lost Universe00:01:190.038
SFS126 Good Against Evil01:58:140.9929
SFS126 Promo Good Against Evil00:00:440.017
SFS127 Promo Teenagers From Outer Space00:00:490.0210
SFS127 Teenagers From Outer Space01:59:300.9927

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