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Voices of Hope Productions, LLC is a woman-owned multi-media production company dedicated to creative
and community-based communications and documentary filmmaking as a means to educate, engage, empower and entertain while fostering leadership, citizenship and inspiration in adults and youth to make a difference in our society.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Voices of Hope Productions works with nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and [extra] ordinary citizens. Many voices, especially those affected by the criminal justice system, who are not traditionally heard from in the mass media are represented in Voices of Hope Productions' short documentaries. Where possible, Voices of Hope Productions concentrates on providing citizens with the education they need to become more engaged and active in democracy in their communities.

As of May 2013 Voices of Hope Productions is producing a new series entitled Engaging People: Stories about Citizens Revitalizing Democracy. Engaging People is a series of short (5-7 mins) documentaries about people who are engaged and actively making change in their communities. They serve as role models of service, volunteerism and political action every day and in crisis situations, illustrating what it means to be an active participant in American democracy. Although we continue to experience gridlock in our political system the "Engaging People Series" provides hopeful examples of how empowered citizens improve communities and society in a wide array of positive ways. Some stories will highlight how citizens came together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Topic Areas:
Democracy, citizenship, civic engagement, politics, volunteerism, public service, hurricane sandy, criminal justice, prison, formerly incarcerated, reentry housing, advocacy, homelessness, civil rights, legislation and policy, social justice, substance abuse, addiction, citizen advocates, families and children, the environment, clean energy, sustainable and renewable energy, green jobs.

Target Audience:
Citizens across the country

Documentary Style: In a unique hybrid form between documentary, news magazine and appropriation of pop culture, Voices of Hope Productions films are developed with fast pacing, artistic aesthetic value and dramatic storytelling.

Type of Show: Documentary

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Jersey

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 365 days

Show Producer: Voices of Hope Productions

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A Failed System00:08:110.18/N/A20/0
Engaging People Series: Bonnie Kerness, Social Change Activist00:06:450.39/N/A3/0
Engaging People Series: Stories of Citizens Revitalizing Democracy (Introduction)00:05:480.34/N/A2/0
Engaging People Series: Will "Kasso Condry" ~ Community Artist00:06:140.36/N/A3/0
Healing Justice: Transformed Lives00:11:390.26/N/A24/0
Nowhere to Go - Reentry Housing00:10:320.23/N/A19/0
Say YES to Clean Energy00:08:470.20/N/A18/0
Voices of Hope Productions Frank Talk Segment00:25:580.61/N/A15/0

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