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Girls Talk TV produces 5 cable TV programs.

Living and Eating Healthy (LEH)
Women in Music (WIM)
From the Other Side (FOS)
The Late Night Show (LNS)
Authors on the Rise (AOR)

From our "Living and Eating Healthy" series we invite local experts (Nutritionists, Thermographers, Organic Farmers, Chefs, etc) to come onto our show and discuss with us and answer our questions in that field. We travel speaking to natives. We host cooking segments and so much more!

"Women in Music" is a program we've begun to help local female artists get more exposure for their intellectual property!

On "From the Other Side" Gigi and cohost Allan talk about everything under the sun from opposite persepctives. From relationships to politics and everything in between "From the Other Side" aims to show all views.

On the "Late Night Show" is where you can catch up with GT TV. See unseen footage. Hear new music and get a glimpse of the events we attended!


Notes to Stations About This Show:

We also have dropboxes available with additional shows we can share.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Girls Talk TV

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"Women in Music" ft Kayla Jay and Brienna DeVlugt00:28:180.99/N/A14/0
"Women in Music" ft Nikki Briar and Arra00:27:410.99/N/A9/0
A Workshop on Self-esteem uploaded 9/5/1400:26:570.99/N/A22/0
About Eating Disorders00:27:180.52/N/A23/0
Authors on the Rise00:27:560.99/N/A13/0
Authors on the Rise - Black History Month00:27:440.99/N/A13/0
Awesome Museums!00:27:550.99/N/A16/0
Bobby Flay at Metro Cooking DC00:32:030.99/N/A8/0
From the Other Side00:28:450.45/N/A10/0
From the Other Side - About Base (1280x720)00:26:510.99/N/A7/0
From the Other Side Marriage and Commitment P200:27:330.99/N/A7/0
From the Other Side - Get Out of Debt00:28:380.99/N/A6/0
From the Other Side - Hygiene Part 1 (1280x720)00:27:310.99/N/A5/0
From the Other Side - Hygiene Part 1 (1920x1280)00:27:310.99/N/A3/0
From the Other Side - Hygiene Part 2 (720*480)00:28:010.54/N/A8/0
From the Other Side - Insurance 10100:26:590.99/N/A5/0
From the Other Side - Money for College00:26:550.99/N/A7/0
From the Other Side Marriage and Commitment P100:27:330.99/N/A7/0
From the Other Side: Credit Basics00:28:110.99/N/A8/0
From the Other Side: Cut Your Spending00:28:430.99/N/A5/0
From the Other Side: Saving Your MONEY00:28:320.99/N/A7/0
From the Other Side: Think Like a Millionaire00:28:090.99/N/A7/0
GT TV Gone Fishing00:27:410.44/N/A9/0
Herb Gardening (no audio - updating soon)00:28:260.58/N/A6/0
Italy's First Female Rabbi00:55:460.99/N/A6/0
Living and Eating Healthy - Jamaica00:27:230.99/N/A6/0
Living and Eating Healthy - Jamaica (letterboxed)00:27:150.99/N/A6/0
Living with HIV Part 200:24:290.99/N/A8/0
Living with HIV Part I.00:28:100.99/N/A8/0
LNS - A Winter Wonderland (SD)00:26:590.99/N/A9/0
Sorority Life_HD (Slight high pitch)00:27:440.99/N/A2/0
Sorority Life_SD (no high pitch)00:27:290.99/N/A10/0
The Story of Jackie Robinson00:57:580.92/N/A14/0
The Story of Jackie Robinson (full version)01:17:160.99/N/A10/0
What is Girls Talk TV About?00:27:450.53/N/A11/0
Women in Music00:27:500.99/N/A10/0
Women in Music - Nahtarsha Cherry00:27:470.99/N/A10/0
Women in Music Patty Reese (1280x720)00:26:390.99/N/A11/0

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