Detail For Show: The Dungeon of Dreck

Show Description:

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck is a horror host program, featuring public domain B movies in the horror, sci-fi, and mystery genres.

We are a retro show in the sense that we show films dating back to the 1930's to the 1960's. We are a family viewing show, as presently the show is broadcast in central MA at all different time slots. The show premiered in 2004.

The show is hosted by Dr. Dreck, a wise mouth mad scientist, and his assistant, Moaner, a female zombie with a sunny disposition. Other characters include Madame Nicotina, a chain smoking fortune teller, Stu, a large talking rat, Shrunken Ed, a disembodied head, Bigfoot, a large furry hand ala "White Fang", and Groaner, Moaner's sister, a greedy, conniving zombie. During the summer we run drive in shows, where we also show cartoons, coming attractions and intermission footage while sitting in our "simulated drive in setting."

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Other than sometimes editing for length, we do not tamper with the films we show. No snarky comments during them, no cut ins. Sure, there are some pretty bad films here, but we're still fond of them. Plus there's some B movie gems mixed in as well.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Michael Legge

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0101 Dr Dreck Return of the Ape Man.mpg01:09:090.9939
0001 Dungeon of Dr. Dreck: Robot Monster01:13:130.9972
0002 Dr. Dreck Bride of the Gorilla.mpg01:11:210.9952
0004 Dr. Dreck Frankenstein's Daughter.mpg01:27:210.9947
0005 Dr. Dreck Killers from Space.mpg01:23:490.9940
0006 Dr. Dreck She Demons.mpeg01:29:560.9938
0007 Dr. Dreck Castle of Blood.mpg01:30:450.9934
0008 Dr. Dreck Phantom Planet.mpeg01:29:210.9933
0009 Dr. Dreck Strangler of the Swamp.mpg01:12:500.9931
0011 Dr. Dreck Phantom from Space.mpg01:22:560.9932
0013 Dr. Dreck Bluebeard.mpeg01:24:540.9930
0015 Dr. Dreck Mad Executioners.mpg01:43:060.9932
0016 Dr. Dreck Beast from Haunted Cave.mpeg01:29:030.9933
0017 Dr. Dreck Terror is a Man.mpeg01:50:370.9930
0018 Dr. Dreck Most Dangerous Game.mpg01:08:440.9926
0019 Dr. Dreck Assignment Terror.mpg01:34:190.9923
0020 Dr. Dreck TV Terror.mpeg01:03:000.9921
0023 Dr. Dreck Jack the Ripper.mpeg01:35:320.9929
0024 Dr. Dreck They Came From Beyond Space.mpg01:36:190.9924
0026 Dr Dreck Love from a Stranger.mpg01:40:330.9925
0027 Dr. Dreck Battle of the Worlds.mpg01:35:050.9928
0029 Dr. Dreck Nightmare Castle.mpg01:41:100.9926
0031 Dr. Dreck Werewolf of Washington.mpg01:44:370.9925
0032 Dr. Dreck Man Who Changed His Mind.mpg01:15:050.9924
0034 Dr. Dreck The Astounding She Monster.mpg01:08:410.9930
0035 Dr. Dreck Caltiki, the Immortal Monster.mpg01:21:570.9925
0036 Dr. Dreck Monster from Green Hell.mpg01:19:560.9934
0037 Dr. Dreck Vampires Ghost.mpg01:08:260.9927
0039 Dr. Dreck The Devils Commandment.mpg01:18:310.9925
0040 Dr. Dreck Giant from the Unknown.mpg01:31:330.9926
0043 Dr. Dreck Halloween Terror in the Haunted House.mpeg01:35:110.9928
0044 Dr. Dreck Bowery at Midnight.mpg01:16:040.9924
0046 Dr. Dreck House in the Woods.mpg01:07:330.9927
0047 Dr. Dreck Thanksgiving Eegah.mpg01:25:030.9927
0048 Dr. Dreck Spider Baby.mpg01:34:450.9925
0049 Dr. Dreck International Christmas.mpg01:23:000.9927
0050 Dr Dreck Wasp Woman.mpg01:11:420.9920
0053 Dr. Dreck Vampire Over London.mpg01:17:290.9927
0054 Dr. Dreck Crime of Dr. Crespi.mpg01:15:260.9920
0055 Dr. Dreck Blood of the Man Devil.mpg01:22:180.9921
0057 Dr. Dreck Shock.mpg01:22:000.9924
0060 Dr. Dreck Devil Girl from Mars.mpg01:36:180.9927
0061 Dr. Dreck Creature from the Haunted Sea.mpg01:36:080.9925
0062 Dr Dreck Killer Shrews.mpg01:13:430.9919
0063 Dr. Dreck The Manster.mpg01:16:570.9919
0064 Dr. Dreck Slaughter of the Vampires.mpg01:27:160.9922
0065 Dr Dreck The Bat.mpg01:26:050.9923
0065 Dr. Dreck Hideous Sun Demon.mpg01:20:580.9923
0066 Dr Dreck Plan 9 from Outer Space.mpg01:26:300.9924
0070 Dr Dreck Indestructible man.mpg01:16:210.9921
0071 Dr Dreck Little Shop of Horrors.mpg01:17:460.9922
0072 Dr Dreck Last Man on Earth.mpg01:32:430.9916
0073 Dr Dreck The Corpse Vanishes.mpg01:10:370.9917
0074 Dr Dreck Halloween Terror in the Crypt.mpg01:46:040.9924
0075 Dr Dreck Thanksgiving I Eat Your Skin.mpg01:33:170.9918
0077 Dr Dreck Phantom from 10,000 Leagues.mpg01:27:270.9920
0078 Dr Dreck House of Mystery.mpeg01:09:290.9920
0079 Dr Dreck The Terror.mpg01:25:480.9915
0080 Dr Dreck The Amazing Transparent Man.mpg01:06:240.9915
0081 Dr Dreck The Living Head.mpg01:23:420.9919
0082 Dr Dreck Hercules in the Haunted World.mpg01:38:210.9924
0083 Dr Dreck One Body Too Many.mpg01:21:540.9919
0084 Dr Dreck Teenagers from Outer Space.mpg01:46:110.9921
0085 Dr Dreck Night of the Living Dead.mpg01:42:210.9923
0086 Dr Dreck Secret of the Telegian.mpg01:37:150.9924
0087 Dr Dreck The Ape.mpg01:10:300.9916
0088 Dr Dreck Catwomen of the Moon.mpg01:13:260.9922
0090 Dr Dreck Inner Sanctum.mpg01:13:090.9921
0091 Dr Dreck The Embalmer.mpg01:13:280.9923
0092 Dr Dreck The Crawling Eye.mpg01:47:200.9927
0093 Dr Dreck Bride of the Monster.mpg01:21:310.9919
0095 Dr Dreck Sound of Horror.mpg01:39:450.9923
0097 Dr Dreck Giant Gila Monster.mpg01:34:000.9924
0099 Dr Dreck Doctor of Doom.mpg01:22:570.9926
0100 Dr Dreck The Brain that Wouldn't Die.mpg01:15:460.9917
0102 Dr Dreck Zontar the Thing from Venus.mpg01:31:170.9923
0103 Dr Drecks Drive In The Strangler.mpg01:49:490.9923
0104 Dr Dreck Body Snatcher from Hell.mpg01:30:320.9924
0105 Dr Dreck Electronic Monster.mpg01:26:020.9924
0107 Dr Dreck The Vampire Bat.mpg01:13:550.9919
0110 Dr Dreck Drive In Not of this Earth.mpg01:28:580.9923
0112 Dr Dreck Drive In Dementia 13.mpg01:30:330.9917
0113Dr Dreck Devil Bat.mpg01:18:220.9914
0114 Dr Dreck Castle of the Living Dead.mpg01:37:450.9923
0115 Dr Dreck Gog .mpg01:28:180.9927
0116 Dr Dreck King of the Zombies.mpg01:19:480.9919
0117 Dr Dreck I Bury the Living.mpeg01:23:300.9918
0118 Dr Dreck Curse of the Doll People.mpg01:33:440.9926
0119 Dr Dreck Catman of Paris.mpg01:14:010.9923
0120 Dr Dreck Scared to Death.mpg01:24:120.9922
0121 Dr Dreck World of Vampires.mpg01:45:490.9929
0122 Dr Dreck Halloween Tormented.mpg01:40:360.9923
0123 Dr Dreck Thanksgiving Magic Sword.mpg01:30:590.9916
0124 Dr Dreck Phantom of Crestwood.mpg01:20:370.9922
0125 Dr Dreck Monster Maker.mpg01:10:580.9920
0127 Dr Dreck Dead Men Walk.mpg01:17:030.9924
0129 Dr Dreck Mad Monster01:32:000.9919
0130 Dr Dreck Trauma.mpg01:42:120.9919
0131 Dr Dreck Track of the Vampire.mpg01:33:200.9918
0132 Dr Dreck Invisible Ghost.mpg01:15:230.9921
0133 Dr Dreck The Devils Partner.mpg01:25:400.9917
0134 Dr Dreck Strangler of Blackmoor Castle.mpg01:36:440.9922
0135 Dr Dreck The Head.mpg01:35:080.9922
0136 Dr Dreck Shadows on the Stairs.mpg01:15:500.9923
0137 Dr Dreck Warning from Space.mpg01:30:590.9920
0138 Dr Dreck Bucket of Blood01:13:310.9919
0139 Dr Dreck Snow Creature01:17:230.9920
0141 Dr Dreck Rogues Tavern.mpg01:16:220.9927
0142 Dr Dreck Flying Serpent.mpg01:09:130.9918
0144 Dr Dreck Island of Terror.mpeg01:43:040.9927
0146 Dr Dreck Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory.mpg01:50:010.9923
0147 Dr Dreck Psychomania.mpg01:30:490.9927
0148 Dr Dreck Face of Marble.mpg01:21:590.9922
0149 Black Dragons.mpg01:13:020.9923
0150 Dr Dreck Devils Mask.mpg01:13:450.9917
0152 Dr Dreck Halloween I Monster.mpg01:43:200.9927
0153 Dr Dreck Madmen of Mandoras.mpg01:24:280.9921
0154 Dr Dreck White Zombie.mpg01:17:500.9918
0155 Dr Dreck Christmas Topper Returns.mpg01:47:480.9922
0156 Dr Dreck Stocking Stuffers.mpg01:19:420.9921
0157 Dr Dreck Xmas Curse of the Crying Woman.mpeg01:26:190.9923
0158 Dr Dreck Black Raven.mpg01:11:180.9919
0159 Dr Dreck Murder by Invitation.mpg01:22:140.9924
0160 Dr Dreck Face of the Screaming Werewolf.mpg01:05:310.9920
0161 Dr Dreck Invasion of the Vampires.mpg01:44:220.9924
0162 Dr Dreck Dark Eyes of London.mpg01:26:550.9921
0163 Dr Dreck Magnetic Monster.mpg01:23:540.9919
0164 Dr Dreck Fortress of the Dead.mpg01:23:560.9919
0165 Dr Dreck Behind Locked Doors.mpg01:16:560.9918
0166 Dr Dreck Drive In Missile to the Moon.mpg01:40:380.9920
0167 Dr Dreck Awful Dr Orloff.mpg01:38:050.9922
0168 Dr Dreck Stone Tape.mpg01:42:400.9924
0169 Dr Dreck Devils Hand.mpg01:20:530.9920
0170 Dr Dreck They Drive by Night.mpeg01:34:190.9922
0171 Dr Dreck The Ghoul01:22:010.9923
0172 Dr Dreck Halloween Daughter of Dr Jekyll 01:31:130.9922
0173 Dr Dreck Torture Ship01:13:170.9925
0174 Dr Dreck Xmas Death Kiss01:29:530.9919
0175 Dr Dreck Drive In The Brain Eaters.mpeg01:24:470.9918
0176 Dr Dreck Midnight Manhunt.mpg01:14:250.9918
0177 Dr Dreck Witchs Mirror.mpg01:26:500.9925
0178 Dr Dreck Creeping Terror.mpg01:29:500.9920
0179 Dr Dreck Fog Island.mpg01:20:260.9925
0180 Dr Dreck Terror in the Wax Museum01:41:530.9521
0181 Dr Dreck Drive in Rocketship XM.mpg01:37:420.9923
0181 Dr Dreck One Frightened Night.mpg01:17:300.6916
0182 Dr Dreck Amazing Mr X01:27:410.9817
0183 Dr Dreck Halloween Classic Ghost Story.mpg01:20:070.9922
0184 Dr Dreck Xmas Return of Chandu01:13:050.9919
0185 Cape Canaveral Monsters.mpg01:17:510.9917
0186 Dr Dreck Half Human.mpg01:10:550.9917
0187 Dr Dreck Curse of the Swamp Creature01:30:340.9915
0188 Dr Dreck Drive In Jesse James Meets Frankensteins Daughter01:45:200.9912
0189 Dr Dreck The Clairvoyant01:32:320.9916
0190 Dr Dreck Mill of the Stone Women01:48:450.9917
0191 Dr Dreck Condemned to Live01:24:160.9917
0192 Dr Dreck Spiderwoman Strikes Back.mpeg01:06:190.9916
0193 Dr Dreck 100 Cries of Terror01:39:520.9914
0194 Dr Dreck Girl Who Dared01:03:480.5715
0195 Dr Dreck Strange People.mpg01:11:260.9114
0196 Dr Drec Black Doll.mpg00:55:290.8814
0197 Dr Dreck Disappearance of Flight 419.mpg01:20:150.7419
0198 Dr Dreck Halloween 2016.mpg01:21:110.9919
0199 Dr Dreck Xmas Angel on my Shoulder.mpg01:53:580.9911
0200 Dr Dreck NABONGA.mpg01:21:100.9411
201 Dr. Dreck Bela Lugosi meets Brooklyn Gorilla01:24:500.9010
202 Dr. Dreck Mystery Ranch01:07:520.7810
203 Dr Dreck THE UNKNOWN.mpg01:17:200.5311
204 Dr Dreck Mesa of Lost Women01:17:390.578
205 Dr Dreck Drive In Day of the Triffids01:52:330.9910
205Dr Dreck Fatal Witness01:14:550.639

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