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Future Talk ( is a monthly series that examines the global impact of technology, both for good and for bad, and tries to see where the new technology is leading us. Based in California's Silicon Valley, the program features leading edge guests from many branches of technology who discuss the ramifications of their work on society at large. For example, advanced information gathering systems can make us much better informed about each other, but can also lead to a surveillance state in which nothing you do can be hidden from others. Intelligent robots can lighten the collective workload, while simultaneously putting millions of people out of work. Autonomous drones can do many useful things, and can also serve as weapons of war with unprecedented destructive power. The question is, will machines ultimately be our servants or our masters? The program is hosted by Martin Wasserman, who has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for many years, who has been active in both technology and media, and who has always been committed to addressing the deeper questions of life.

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Martin Wasserman

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0001 Future Talk - Human Genome Research00:27:190.64/N/A182/0
0002 Future Talk - US-China Green Energy Council00:28:270.67/N/A161/0
0003 Future Talk - Nova Spivack and the Semantic Web00:28:300.67/N/A149/0
0004 Future Talk - The Future of Journalism00:28:280.67/N/A170/0
0005 Future Talk - Nanotechnology00:28:260.67/N/A152/0
0006 Future Talk - Health 2.000:28:320.67/N/A139/0
0007 Future Talk - Singularity University00:28:310.67/N/A128/0
0008 Future Talk - Training 21st Century Journalists00:28:290.67/N/A130/0
0009 Future Talk - Redesigning Math Education00:28:300.67/N/A142/0
0010 Future Talk - New Frontiers in Space00:28:490.68/N/A146/0
0011 Future Talk - The Digital Home of the Future00:28:160.66/N/A129/0
0012 Future Talk - Biomedical Ethics00:28:300.67/N/A113/0
0013 Future Talk - Graphic Visualization Tools00:28:290.67/N/A116/0
0014 Future Talk - Human/Computer Interaction00:28:210.67/N/A118/0
0015 Future Talk - TEDwomen conference00:28:240.67/N/A106/0
0016 Future Talk - Tesla Motors00:27:250.64/N/A115/0
0017 Future Talk - The Watchman's Rattle00:28:280.67/N/A100/0
0018 Future Talk - Earthquake Preparedness00:28:280.67/N/A114/0
0019 Future Talk - New Wellness Tools00:28:340.67/N/A104/0
0020 Future Talk - The Tech Museum00:28:340.67/N/A100/0
0021 Future Talk - CliniSpace Virtual Hospital00:28:150.66/N/A100/0
0022 Future Talk - Triple Helix Conference00:28:280.67/N/A95/0
0023 Future Talk - The SETI Institute00:28:290.67/N/A95/0
0024 Future Talk - The Future of Energy00:28:260.67/N/A104/0
0025 Future Talk - Infotech and Health00:28:260.67/N/A94/0
0026 Future Talk - The Future of Robotics00:28:310.67/N/A105/0
0027 Future Talk - Looking into the Future00:28:320.67/N/A96/0
0028 Future Talk - The Overconnected Society00:28:310.67/N/A103/0
0029 Future Talk - Mysteries of the Universe00:28:530.68/N/A104/0
0030 Future Talk - Neurobotic Research00:28:300.67/N/A94/0
0031 Future Talk - Starting an Online Business00:28:300.67/N/A96/0
0032 Future Talk - Artificial Intelligence00:28:300.67/N/A95/0
0033 Future Talk - The Maker Faire00:28:200.67/N/A94/0
0034 Future Talk - The Higgs Boson00:28:290.67/N/A91/0
0035 Future Talk - Mobile Apps and Mental Health00:28:370.67/N/A92/0
0036 Future Talk - Literacy in the Age of Google00:28:110.66/N/A88/0
0037 Future Talk - Advances in Neuroscience00:28:290.67/N/A84/0
0038 Future Talk - Peace Innovation Lab00:28:310.67/N/A78/0
0039 Future Talk - Raising Your Visual IQ00:28:200.67/N/A84/0
0040 Future Talk - Technology Serving Humanity00:28:270.67/N/A77/0
0041 Future Talk - Innovation for Jobs Summit00:28:310.67/N/A75/0
0042 Future Talk - Searching for Other Earths00:28:380.67/N/A82/0
0043 Future Talk - 3D Printing 00:28:130.66/N/A85/0
0044 Future Talk - The Millennium Project00:28:300.67/N/A73/0
0045 Future Talk - The Science of Scent00:28:320.67/N/A71/0
0046 Future Talk - Clean Renewable Energy00:28:290.67/N/A68/0
0047 Future Talk - New Frontiers in Photography00:28:280.67/N/A80/0
0048 Future Talk - Advances in Genetics00:28:240.67/N/A73/0
0049 Future Talk - Where Mind Meets Machine00:28:320.67/N/A64/0
0050 Future Talk - Liveable Sustainable Architecture00:28:190.67/N/A60/0
0051 Future Talk - Advances in Robotics00:28:070.66/N/A65/0
0052 Future Talk - Creating the Future00:28:310.67/N/A56/0
0053 Future Talk - The Globalization of Technology00:28:340.67/N/A56/0
0054 Future Talk - Talking with Dolphins00:28:420.67/N/A53/0
0055 Future Talk - OMEGA Global Initiative00:28:270.67/N/A47/0
0056 Future Talk - Fostering Innovation00:28:310.67/N/A44/0
0057 Future Talk - Singularity U Revisited00:28:330.67/N/A40/0
0058 Future Talk - Beneficial New Nanomaterials00:28:180.66/N/A44/0
0059 Future Talk - Ethical Issues of New Biosciences00:28:390.67/0.9938/2
0060 Future Talk - Emerging Uses of Computer Graphics00:28:200.67/0.9943/0
0061 Future Talk - A.I., Robots and Drones00:28:380.67/0.9943/0
0062 Future Talk - Protecting Against Cyberthreats00:28:290.67/0.9940/0
0063 Future Talk - Biometric Technology00:28:230.67/0.9937/0
0064 Future Talk - Two Possible Robotic Futures00:28:300.67/0.9934/0
0065 Future Talk - Humans in an A.I. World00:28:410.67/0.9935/0
0066 Future Talk - Science of the Brain00:28:330.46/0.9934/0
0067 Future Talk - Transforming Human Perception00:28:180.45/0.9933/0
0068 Future Talk - A Sociobiological View00:28:330.46/0.9930/0
0069 Future Talk - The Future of Work00:28:180.45/0.9933/1
0070 Future Talk - Virtual Reality00:28:260.67/0.9930/1
0071 Future Talk - Augmented Reality00:28:320.67/0.9933/1
0072 Future Talk - Breakthrough Starshot00:28:560.68/0.9931/0
0073 Future Talk - Computer Animation and Interactivity00:28:420.68/0.9932/0
0074 Future Talk - Neuroscience and Compassion00:28:470.68/0.9934/0
0075 Future Talk - Institute of Noetic Sciences00:28:330.67/0.9923/1
0076 Future Talk - Sustaining Innovation00:28:390.67/0.9926/2
0077 Future Talk - New Directions in Nanotech00:28:240.67/0.9927/2
0078 Future Talk - Breakthrough Ventures00:28:330.67/0.9926/2
0079 Future Talk - Solving 21st Century Challenges00:28:280.67/0.9928/2
0080 Future Talk - The Future of Education00:28:230.67/0.9926/2
0081 Future Talk - The Internet of Things00:28:300.67/0.9924/3
0082 Future Talk - Investing in Artificial Intelligence00:28:280.67/0.9922/6
0083 Future Talk - Big Data00:28:280.67/0.9921/4
0084 Future Talk - The Future of Cars00:28:310.67/0.9912/16
0085 Future Talk - New User Interfaces00:28:180.67/0.9911/12
0086 Future Talk - Advances in Brain Science00:28:310.67/0.9910/14
0087 Future Talk - Bitcoin and Blockchain00:28:330.67/0.9911/7

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