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Delaware Valley Outdoors highlights the best fishing in the tri-state area. Host Bob Murray and guest take the viewers to both fresh and saltwater destinations.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

We have been producing shows for 17 years and have 220 shows already produced. We produce 13 new shows each year.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Mid Atlantic (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Pennsylvania

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Delaware Valley Outdoors

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DVO 816-Upper Delaware.mpg00:28:260.58/N/A14/0
DVO 1001- Susquhanna River Bass Fishing00:27:430.56/N/A13/0
DVO 1002- Fluke Fishing on the Shark River Belmar NJ00:28:400.59/N/A13/0
DVO 1003- Shohola Falls Bass Fishing in Shohola Falls PA 00:28:240.58/N/A11/0
DVO 1004 - Sassafras River Bass Fishing in MD 00:27:500.57/N/A12/0
DVO 306-Lake Wallenpaupack.mpg00:28:300.58/N/A12/0
DVO 501-Sandy Hook.mpg00:28:250.58/N/A11/0
DVO 505 Look Back.mpg00:00:280.01/N/A9/0
DVO 508-Pennypack.mpg00:24:280.50/N/A12/0
DVO 513-Musky Fishing.mpg00:25:100.52/N/A10/0
DVO 520-Canada Bass fishing.mpg00:28:440.59/N/A13/0
DVO 601-Delaware Bass.mpg00:28:280.58/N/A11/0
DVO 603-Drum Fishing.mpg00:25:040.51/N/A11/0
DVO 607 Maine Bass 1.mpg00:23:460.60/N/A11/0
DVO 704 Kayak.mpg00:29:010.59/N/A13/0
DVO 706 SM Del Riv.mpg00:29:000.59/N/A12/0
DVO 707 Carp Fishing.mpg00:28:310.58/N/A12/0
DVO 708-Kayak Susq.mpg00:28:310.58/N/A12/0
DVO 802 Winter Susq.mpg00:29:010.70/N/A12/0
DVO 802-Bass on Susquehanna.mpg00:29:110.59/N/A12/0
DVO 804 Cold Water Bass.mpg00:27:430.57/N/A13/0
DVO 805 Lake Towhee.mpg00:28:300.58/N/A12/0
DVO 806-Trout.mpg00:28:020.57/N/A12/0
DVO 807 Lake Carnegie Bass.mpg00:26:020.53/N/A12/0
DVO 809 Merrill Creek Bass.mpg00:28:200.58/N/A11/0
DVO 811 Fluke.mpg00:28:300.58/N/A11/0
DVO 813 Lake Arthur Show 1 of 2.mpg00:03:240.07/N/A6/0
DVO 819 Fishing Impossible Show 1 of 2.mpg00:28:340.58/N/A12/0
DVO 820 Fishing Impossible Show 2 of 2.mpg00:28:290.58/N/A11/0
DVO 910 - Susquehanna River Top-Water Bass Fishing 00:27:000.55/N/A11/0
DVO 911- Fall Tidal Fishing on the Delaware River00:22:280.46/N/A11/0
DVO1101 Shad Fishing on the Delaware River.mpeg00:27:180.87/N/A9/0
DVO1102 Flounder Show-PhillyCAM.mpeg00:28:580.92/N/A8/0
DVO1103 Flounder fishing in Belmar NJ.mpeg00:28:290.91/N/A12/0
DVO1201 Fishing on the Northeast River.mpeg00:28:170.90/N/A11/0

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