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Our national award-winning TV program created and produced entirely by people with disabilities. Since Ablevision is scripted, shot and hosted by people with disabilities, each episode is itself a work of art! Our mission is to educate and empower our viewers through stories of inspiration and ability. Our crew produces the show from start to finish from scripting the episodes, to operating the camera, to hosting the show. We’ve won a number of national awards including the National Hometown Video Award for Best Access-Able Program and the Rika Welsh Community Impact Award by the Alliance for Community Media. We’re focused on expanding our national audience by building relationships with more public access affiliates.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Ablevision

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0003 Ablevision Cataldo Ambulance.mpg00:28:510.86/N/A28/0
0004 Ablevision Pet Therapy.mpg00:26:470.78/N/A39/0
0005 Ablevision Special Olympics 2006.mpg00:21:300.61/N/A22/0
0006 Ablevision KR Glickman.mpg00:29:230.87/N/A24/0
0007 Ablevision Self Defense.mpg00:29:530.89/N/A26/0
0008 Ablevision WW2 POW shortened.mpg00:29:540.86/N/A21/0
0008 Ablevision WW2 POW.mpg00:41:590.99/N/A9/0
0009 Ablevision Gallery Spotlight.mpg00:21:410.63/N/A21/0
0010 Ablevision Anniversary.mpg00:29:540.80/N/A17/0
0011 Ablevision Special Olympics 2007.mpg00:25:360.77/N/A14/0
0012 Ablevision Flow.mpg00:28:390.65/N/A17/0
0013 Ablevision Ice Skating.mpg00:28:170.66/N/A17/0
0014 Ablevision Jobs Horse back riding.mpg00:29:560.70/N/A17/0
0015 Ablevision Marlon.mpg00:24:220.57/N/A16/0
0016 Ablevision Perkins School.mpg00:29:570.49/N/A16/0
0017 Ablevision Special Olympics 2008.mpg00:19:390.32/N/A11/0
0018 Ablevision Exceptional Children.mpg00:29:230.48/N/A21/0
0019 Ablevision TLC Basketball Team.mpg00:29:580.49/N/A15/0
0020 Ablevision Kevin James Interview.mpg00:30:010.85/N/A18/0
0021 Ablevision Beverly Bootstraps.mpg00:29:580.49/N/A15/0
0023 Ablevision Mystery of Lisa Heinz shortened.mpg00:29:580.74/N/A12/0
0023 Ablevision Mystery of Lisa Heinz.mpg00:33:590.83/N/A6/0
0024 Ablevision Adaptive Sailing.mpg00:28:450.47/N/A17/0
0025 GIMP.mpg00:28:570.48/N/A16/0
0026 School of Rock Best Buddies BILL.mpeg00:26:470.65/N/A22/0
0027 Ablevision VSA Art Opening & Claddagh Bing.mpeg00:29:250.72/N/A17/0
0028 Ablevision Childrens Musuem Music Therapy Arboretum.mpeg00:28:450.71/N/A20/0
0029 Ablevision Special Olympics Wrestling Pizza Shop.mpeg00:29:400.73/N/A15/0
0030 Ablevision Trip to New York City.mpg00:26:160.67/N/A21/0
0031 Ablevision Hometown Video Awards .mpeg00:29:490.51/N/A13/0
0032 Ablevision Stone Zoo Bread of Life.mpeg00:29:180.50/N/A20/0
0033 Ablevision Visits Ride Away.mpeg00:29:590.74/N/A16/0
0034 Ablevision ADA Rally Scooper Bowl Disability Awareness.mpeg00:26:420.45/N/A17/0
0035 Ablevision Red Sox interview.mpeg00:24:360.42/N/A13/0
0036 Ablevision Fire Safety and Marlon at Action Ambulance.mpg00:29:170.50/N/A17/0
0037 Ablevision Video Game Reviews and Goodyear Blimp Ride.mpeg00:29:030.71/N/A20/0
0038 Ablevision PEM Piano and Tap Dancing.mpeg00:29:580.51/N/A25/0
0039 Ablevision NDEAM and Passion Plunge 2011 and Sand Scupltures.mpeg00:28:430.49/N/A19/0
0040 Ablevision Red Sox and Best Buddies.mpeg00:29:540.51/N/A23/0
0042 Ablevision Boston Duck Tours and N E Aquarium.mpeg00:29:590.74/N/A26/0
0043 Ablevision_VSABunnyHop_and_OTLStudios.mpeg00:29:570.51/N/A20/0
0051_Ablevision_Scanworks_Autism Artist_Senior Art Show00:29:240.50/N/A27/0
0052_Ablevision_Polar Plunge_Israel teens_Scooper Bowl_Dockside00:27:480.67/N/A24/0

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