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Karen McKenzie is one of the country's first Senior Fitness Specialists. Karen's long running, award-winning profile talk show, Seniors on the Move, features experts on aging and strives to provide up-to-date information for baby-boomers and seniors. Karen's holistic approach will enable an aging population to make intelligent, informed choices, take control of their lives, and make aging a more positive experience.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Westborough TV, Inc

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A Balancing Act - Preventing Falls -- Senior Exercise.mpg00:28:180.66/N/A14/0
Senior on the Move-What is Normal Aging?00:28:450.67/N/A16/0
Seniors on the Move - Oh My Aching Bones 00:25:560.60/N/A14/0
Seniors On The Move CarFit00:28:130.52/N/A5/0
Seniors on the Move Linda Townsend Show 12800:28:050.60/N/A1/0
Seniors On The Move Melissa Day M.S.00:29:250.80/N/A4/0
Seniors on the Move - Alzheimers Nutrition Connection00:28:560.67/N/A8/0
Seniors On The Move - Elder Law00:28:550.61/N/A3/0
Seniors on the Move - 100th Show00:29:590.90/N/A2/0
Seniors On The Move - A Matter of Balance and Programs for Seniors00:29:300.69/N/A11/0
Seniors On the Move - Aging and Intimacy00:29:450.89/N/A7/0
Seniors on the Move - An update on Stroke - Oct 200900:29:150.68/N/A4/0
Seniors On The Move - author Lydia Davis00:30:310.62/N/A3/0
Seniors on the Move - Born to Walk - 2009.mpg00:27:480.65/N/A7/0
Seniors on the Move - Dealing With Incontinence00:28:160.66/N/A6/0
Seniors on the Move - Dentistry for Seniors.mpg00:28:040.62/N/A4/0
Seniors on the Move - Exercise for the Brain 2009.mpg00:29:370.69/N/A10/0
Seniors on the Move - Family Caregiving: a memoir00:56:500.99/N/A7/0
Seniors On The Move - guest Rev John Pastor00:28:190.72/N/A1/0
Seniors on the Move - Increasing Your Energy.mpg00:28:180.66/N/A9/0
Seniors on the Move - Is Arthritis Crippling America00:29:400.69/N/A9/0
Seniors On The Move - Living Past 100 and Enjoying It00:29:530.69/N/A10/0
Seniors on the Move - Men And Aging00:27:310.83/N/A5/0
Seniors on the Move - My Life, My Health00:27:010.63/N/A12/0
Seniors on the Move - Navigating Medicine00:28:480.86/N/A4/0
Seniors On The Move - Nia, the Path To Wellness00:29:260.69/N/A4/0
Seniors on the Move - Pastor David Cote00:27:210.64/N/A3/0
Seniors On The Move - Pharmacy Basics for Seniors00:58:550.75/N/A6/0
Seniors On The Move - Police Chief Alan Gordon00:28:400.78/N/A2/0
Seniors on the Move - S.C.O.R.E. Part 100:27:320.64/N/A4/0
Seniors on the Move - Senior Volunteers00:59:550.99/N/A4/0
Seniors on the Move - Senior Volunteers part 200:27:150.64/N/A6/0
Seniors On The Move - Strength and Balance - show 12700:29:070.50/N/A0/0
Seniors on the Move - Strength Training for Seniors00:29:270.68/N/A9/0
Seniors on the Move - Stress Management for Seniors00:30:010.99/N/A8/0
Seniors on the Move - Stroke00:29:110.68/N/A9/0
Seniors on the Move - The Aging Foot Jody Riskowski PhD00:29:200.68/N/A5/0
Seniors On The Move - Treatment for Movement Disorders00:27:400.72/N/A3/0
Seniors on the Move - Understanding Depression00:28:560.67/N/A5/0
Seniors On The Move - Understanding Diabetes with John Brooks III00:30:560.93/N/A7/0
Seniors On The Move - Yoga For Seniors00:29:110.87/N/A9/0
Seniors on the Move 75th Show Celebration April 201100:29:370.68/N/A3/0

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